Multi-talents with a clear focus on galleries and museums: the new Uniscan spotlight range from ERCO

March 7, 2023
Multiple configurations are possible with modular spotlight, with wireless control, tunable white, and zoom optics available.

Lüdenscheid, March 2023. With its new Uniscan spotlights, ERCO focuses on maximum quality of light combined with a compact, reduced design. Uniscan thus particularly targets the demands of art galleries and museums. The consistently modular design of the spotlights enables both highly individual configurations and extremely flexible all-rounders, for example with Tunable White, zoom optics and wireless Casambi Bluetooth control.

Ranging from painting, photography and sculptures in all formats to space-filling installations and the use of electronic media: never were the manifestations of art so diverse as they are today. In terms of lighting, this poses special challenges for commercial art galleries as well as museums. These require lighting tools that optimally display works of art in a wide diversity of situations and create the desired atmosphere – whilst being as compact, flexible and easy to handle as possible. It is precisely for such requirements that ERCO has developed Uniscan, a new range of versatile and accessible track-mounted spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers.

Flexibility is the key

Spotlight track systems are the first choice as an infrastructure for illuminating galleries and exhibitions. Users can quickly and easily modify the position and alignment of the luminaires, and Uniscan also features further decisive flexibility – its modular design with interchangeable lenses allows for subsequent adjustment of the light distribution. A number of methods are available for dimming the luminaires individually or in groups, ranging from a rotary control on the luminaire to wireless control via Casambi Bluetooth. The colour temperature can also be adjusted using variable technologies such as tunable white or RGBW to infinitely adjust light colours to match exhibits or to create special atmospheric effects. Filters are also available as accessories for subtle colour temperature corrections.

The Uniscan range on the one hand thus enables precisely matching product solutions for individual requirements with three sizes consisting of XS ( 1 1/4”), S ( 2 3/8”) and M ( 3 5/8”), six fixed light colours, lens units in twelve light distributions and various dimming options. On the other hand, it includes extremely variable all-rounders that make lighting up a new exhibition incomparably convenient and fast – for example with the combination of zoom optic and tunable white. The fine-tuning of brightness and light colours of the spotlights can be done conveniently in situ via an app on a tablet or smartphone thanks to Casambi Bluetooth.

Light and shadow – in maximum quality

Despite their flexibility, Uniscan spotlights do not compromise when it comes to quality of light. The clear Darklight lenses not only have a magical effect due to their minimal luminance levels at the light emission surface, but also offer particularly high visual comfort along with state of the art efficiency. With just one point of light, they also generate a defined, uniform beam of light and precise shadowing for museum-quality light. The luminous fluxes of 272 lumens (size XS) to 2673 lumens (size M) are perfectly matched to typical spatial conditions in galleries and exhibitions with ceiling heights of up to 5 metres. In the form of contour spotlights and lens wallwashers, the Uniscan range also includes specialised tools which are highly valued by lighting designers for effectively displaying works of art.

Three sizes in two adapters for various application scenarios

The cylindrical design of Uniscan is reminiscent of classic spotlight models. It blends discreetly into highly diverse architectures and features precise, robust mechanics and balanced proportions. As with other current ERCO spotlight ranges, Uniscan comprises two product families: Uniscan 48V for Minirail track has an extra-flat adapter that fits flush with the track and thus exploits the full potential of miniaturisation. A manual rotary control (On-board Dim) and radio adapter for Zigbee or Casambi Bluetooth are available in the form of interchangeable add-on units on the luminaire housing. Uniscan 120V is compatible with many existing dimmable lighting installations thanks to its transadapter for 2-circuit track, making it particularly suitable for retrofitting.

Uniscan offers perfect illumination geared to the specific requirements of commercial art galleries.

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