Oh, Snap! B Corporation Brightgreen Launches Next-Gen Tru-Colour® ‘Snap’ Track Lights That Let You Switch Lights In A Snap

Sept. 9, 2022
  • Award-winning Melbourne lighting manufacturers Brightgreen have today announced their new range of snap track lights for your ever-evolving lighting layouts.

  • With a low-voltage track, robust magnetic fixings, and a range of track and light types, these innovative ceiling lights let you add, remove, move, refocus, and shift light styles in a snap. 

  • Leapfrogging conventional lights, Brightgreen’s ceiling lights are 20% leaner than conventional track lights while packing a punch with Tru-Colour®—the world’s highest light quality. 

    Finally, lighting has been reimagined to help you switch lighting layouts in a snap as your spaces change, and your interiors evolve.

    Sequestered in their lighting-innovation HQ in Melbourne's Cremorne, B-Corp Brightgreen's lighting virtuosos have dreamt up the most innovative track lights yet—snap track lights. The problem: Layouts of objects, furniture, and artwork plus the use of your spaces are not resolved at the design stage and change with time. Brightgreen's solution: A sleek track light that lets you effortlessly (and one-handedly) add, remove, move, and refocus your ceiling lights to match your shifting spaces.

    It's flexible track lighting for flexible spaces.

    Brightgreen's sleek LED track lights are a necessary alternative to fixed, traditional lighting and bulky, conventional track lights. 20% leaner than standard ceiling lights, and with trimless recessed track options, these champs virtually dissolve into your architecture. Accompanied by a low-voltage track and robust mechanical fixings, switching lighting layouts to adapt to frequent furniture swaps is a breeze. Plus, a variety of track options and an equally long list of light types—from recessed linear downlights to pencil-thin pendant lights—ensure that you never struggle with choices regarding layouts and configurations.

    It seems that Brightgreen has really turned the dial on their dimmers to 'the future' with their newest LED track lights.

    Brightgreen Bio: Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Cremorne—Melbourne's technology precinct—Brightgreen is a purpose-led company that designs premium, efficient LEDs and automation products in the most sustainable way possible. As staunch opponents of planned obsolescence, Brightgreen is also a Certified B Corporation with an intense focus on developing carbon-neutral LEDs made of toxic-free materials with low embodied energy, which last for years. Brightgreen currently exports its world’s highest light quality LEDs to 14 countries.

    Powered by world-class Tru-Colour® technology, these innovative ceiling lights have not lost any of Brightgreen's outstanding light quality, despite the compact and sleek form. You can thank the integrated digital driver and other intelligent components (including recessed lens modules), which deliver flicker-free, snappy deep dimming alongside the world's highest light quality. Brightgreen has even squeezed their best-in-class circadian lighting technology (Dayshift) into the small package for energy-boosting light delivery at the right time of day.

    Don't miss out on these next-gen track lights. Shift it. Snap it. Light it. It's your new superpower.