SimplyLEDs Introduces SensaBLE 2.0 Autonomous Mesh Network System for Lighting, Designed to Eliminate Downtime

May 26, 2023
The luminaire level lighting control, true mesh network system for outdoor lighting is available as a local app-based or a cloud-based system.
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Research and development efforts bring SimplyLEDs’ engineering expertise to the forefront of the mesh network lighting control market with a system that raises the bar on self-healing and continuous control

Boise, ID, April 4th, 2023 – SimplyLEDs (, a U.S. manufacturer of premier LED luminaires in Boise, ID, since 2010, releases SensaBLE 2.0, a next gen mesh network control system for lighting that virtually eliminates downtime and crushes kWh savings goals.

“Why did we develop our own lighting controls? It’s still the Wild West out there.” said Stephan Schmitt, President and CEO of SimplyLEDs, “Most lighting controls, in particular those for demanding commercial applications, don’t live up to their hype. They are complex to install and operate, consume bandwidth, and fail to connect reliably. They are the underperformers of the lighting industry and too many of these controls systems are torn out soon after their installation—our customers deserve better.

“We’ve been laser-focused on developing SensaBLE 2.0 as a truly robust system with unmatched reliability and performance, and it’s paid off—our patent pending autonomy all but eliminates downtime, and our entire system is designed to grow with our customers. From single point control lights to meshed fixture groups, to large multi-site installations, SensaBLE allows you to start small and grow exponentially. We’re launching SensaBLE 2.0, integrated into our premiere product lines: FLD-RS for area, roadway, and parking; and our ALD-R spec grade retrofit system. This integration ensures we stay in lock step with the quality, service, and support that is our gold standard. Plus, with our US based development team and a scalable cloud architecture, custom integration into existing systems or expansion into other IoT applications is within reach.”

“As with any project of this scope,” said Alexander Stark, Lead Software Engineer, “You don’t know what you don’t know. It takes tenacity and willingness to fail to bring a network system like SensaBLE 2.0 to market. To work through issues and debug behind a computer is one thing, to do that standing on the customer’s property, is another— it is trial by fire. But it resulted in what we have today, and I couldn’t be prouder.”

Todd Hubbard, VP of Business Development, believes tapping the brakes led the team to deliver a gamechanger. “Watch, listen, learn, then deploy. We don’t engineer in a vacuum, we never have. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions that are customer-driven, which means our strength lies in being best in the market, not first in the market. Even in the pilot stage we spent months with our boots on the ground—in the field with our customers—honing and perfecting the system. We discovered the hot buttons: Downtime and Simplicity. Our motto is Control-Customize-Crush. But you can’t do that with your kWh if you’re battling downtime.

“With our autonomous network system, we’re giving our customers a real chance to use the full capability of the system without interruptions. And with our focus on simplicity, customers can easily analyze their own data, make adjustments, and exceed their energy goals while adding to the bottom line and reducing their carbon footprint. We all agree: kWh deserve no mercy—the planet does.”

SensaBLE 2.0 is a luminaire level lighting control (LLLC), true mesh network system for outdoor lighting, available as a local app-based system or a cloud-based system, providing multi-site monitoring, and complete control and customization from anywhere in the world.

Operating on a cellular network completely outside of any IT infrastructure, SensaBLE 2.0 eliminates security risk and the need for negotiations with IT departments and hashing out  Interconnection Security Agreements.

SensaBLE 2.0 boasts a patent pending autonomous nerve center that allows each sensor to continue operating the light even if a network connection fails or sensors or gateways go offline, eliminating the standard fail-on/fail-off alternative of other systems that can leave individual lights or entire zones malfunctioning for days, weeks, or months at a time.

The robust UI of the SensaBLE 2.0 Customer Portal focuses on simplicity, allowing even the most inexperienced user to become an efficiency expert. The intuitive interface allows for unlimited energy profile creation, zone creation, and multi-layer energy monitoring that allows you to instantly compare kWh consumption past, present, and future. Complete Measurement & Verification of your energy footprint is built right in. You can even set energy and service alerts so you and SimplyLEDs are notified of any unusual behavior.

Over-the-Air updates keep your system running smoothly and ensure you receive all the benefits of technology upgrades.

About SimplyLEDs

SimplyLEDs is an electrical engineering U.S. based manufacturer of LED luminaires. Founded in Boise, Idaho, in 2010, with a vision for reduced energy consumption on a global scale, SimplyLEDs continues to expand its impact coast to coast. For more information visit