Introducing Cucumber Lighting Controls: Lighting Controls with Individuality

Dec. 7, 2023
Initial "Made In Britain" sensor offerings pair with an app for networked lighting control.

7th December 2023 – Cucumber Lighting Controls is thrilled to unveil its fresh entry into the lighting controls market, introducing a groundbreaking range of products designed to cultivate new standards in the integration of lighting controls into new and existing buildings.

Tailored to meet the contemporary lighting control needs in industrial, commercial, and educational spaces, Cucumber is introducing an inventive range of ceiling and high bay motion sensors. This innovative product line harmoniously blends form and function, facilitating full networking between devices (at no extra cost) and showcasing unique lens designs on select products to optimise sensor performance. Cucumber's products will be accompanied by an easy-to-use App, empowering installers and end-users while trimming costs. The product range, proudly flies the flag for British craftsmanship, with the Made In Britain accreditation and boasts numerous features to ease installation and an industry-leading 7-year warranty. 

The ever-growing Cucumber team has roots in both the Lighting Controls and the Lighting Industry. Their combined wealth of experience and knowledge has cultivated the product vision for the newly launched products and, of course, the roadmap extending beyond motion sensors. The team at Cucumber aimed to ensure simplicity not only in commissioning but also in minimising SKUs to maximise flexibility and simplify ordering. 

Mark King, CEO of Cucumber Lighting Controls, expressed his excitement about the business launch: "We’re thrilled about the debut of our business and the unveiling of the first set of innovative products. It's the sum of many features that allows us to offer a unique proposition to the market. We firmly believe that the best lighting control is one where the occupant doesn't even know it’s there."

The experience extends beyond the immediate Cucumber team. A trio of investors, with a rich pedigree in this arena, provides more than just financial backing. With grand ideas for expanding the product offering, the team and the facilities, the business is already planting the seeds for success, with their technology centre in Welwyn Garden City, where its product development and R&D team will be based. This, along with their newly acquired 10,000-square-foot industrial space in Milton Keynes, which will serve as the business's nucleus and act as corporate headquarters.

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About Cucumber Lighting Controls:

Cucumber Lighting Controls is a forward-thinking technology company dedicated to transforming the commercial lighting controls sector with innovative solutions that champion energy efficiency, user comfort, affordable networked solutions, and streamlined installation.