Casambi announces new CBU form factors for the US lighting market

Jan. 30, 2023
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Helsinki, Finland – January 30th, 2023: Global smart lighting control company Casambi announced today new CBU form factors with features to simplify the installation of Casambi-controlled lighting networks in the US.  

Casambi’s Bluetooth Low Energy-based mesh technology provides lighting designers and manufacturers with the ability to wirelessly link devices together enabling the creation of customizable smart lighting networks that are configured and controlled using the Casambi App or wireless smart switches. 

Luminaires with integral drivers, decorative fixtures with LED lamps, or other devices can gain wireless connectivity using Casambi CBU devices. The technology company has introduced two new variants to this series to serve the US market. These offer discrete and easy installation outside of metal switch boxes, inside luminaires, or into ceiling outlet boxes by removing a standard ½” knockout. 


The CBU-ARP-LR is a Bluetooth-controlled, long-range, one-channel 0-10V controller with a built-in 2.0 A relay and a motion sensor input. The built-in 2.0 A relay can cut the power from the driver if an LED driver cannot be completely turned off from the 0-10V control interface. The CBU-ARP-LR also has a 12-24 VDC input for a motion sensor. The sensor must be powered by an external power supply, such as mains voltage or auxiliary voltage from an LED driver. 


The CBU-TDP-LR is a Bluetooth-controlled, long-range, trailing-edge dimming pack for incandescent lamps, dimmable LED lamps and dimmable LED control gear. It can control up to 50 VA at 120 VAC, and features overcurrent and over-temperature protection.

Long-range Capabilities

New CBU variants identifiable by an ‘LR’ at the end of their names offer long-range radio modes to meet the demand for robust wireless communication within lighting networks installed in vast spaces and certain complex lighting installations.  

Long-range capabilities can reach approx. 200 meters (650 feet) with a good line of sight connection between nodes. 

Long-range performance comes from two factors: Higher radio transmission power (now +8dBm instead of +4dBm) and use of a special hardware feature to encode radio transmissions in an error-resilient way, paying with lower transmission speed for higher sensitivity for receiving the signals. 

The Casambi Xpress-LR wireless switch is also now endowed with long-range capabilities bringing huge flexibility to interior design since furniture can be replaced and walls rebuilt without having to take the wiring of switches into account. 

Complete Interoperability

From simple one-luminaire direct control to a complete and full-featured lighting control system where up to 250 units form an intelligent mesh network, every device in a Casambi system contains the same, full intelligence of the network, eliminating the need for additional controllers, gateways, or hubs.   

North American sales inquiries should be directed to [email protected].