Synapse Wireless Unveils New Website Featuring IoT Solutions for Lighting Control and Energy Management

Jan. 24, 2022

Huntsville, Ala. (January 24, 2022) – Synapse Wireless, Inc., an Internet of Things (IoT) company and a member of the McWane family of companies, recently launched a new website, highlighting SimplySnap, the holistic platform for Lighting Control and Energy Management for industrial facilities and outdoor areas.

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Lighting designers, building owners, energy managers, and facility managers will be able to use the new site to easily find the solutions, services, and products they need to help reduce the amount of energy required to operate their facilities. The site provides details on the SimplySnap solution for its key vertical markets and explains how SimplySnap can be utilized to help companies reveal and reduce energy waste.

The animation on the home page along with 3D images tell the unique story of lighting control and energy management solutions, and visually showcase how the SimplySnap technology works. The website helps projects come to life by providing instant access to resources and support.

Additional website features:

  • Simple & Mobile - The menu is structured around Solutions, Markets, Innovation, and Technology menus. The design and simple navigation structure make it easy for customers to quickly find the information they need.
  • One-Click Search – Fast access to the component resources for the SimplySnap platform, including cut sheets, wiring diagrams, installation instructions, application guides and solution collateral.
  • Field-Proven Examples – Explore client field installations with testimonials, project images, and actual results. Expanded content around the indoor and outdoor lighting and energy management solutions for stadiums, arenas, college campuses, parks, parking lots, warehouses, manufacturing plants, foundries, and other large-scale multi-site facilities.
  • Project Support - The site makes it easy to tell Synapse about your project and get immediate support for your project including demos, rebate inquiries, warranty, software updates, technical support, and pricing/quote inquiries.
  • Expanded Services – The site highlights expanded services such as commissioning, training, integration, technical, and supplementary services along with streamlined ways to help you with your project.
  • SimplySnap Showcase –The SimplySnap highlight page helps demonstrate the DesignLights® Consortium Networked Lighting Control accredited solution. Regardless of deployment model, whether Cloud on OnPrem, you will see why customers keep saying that SimplySnap “just works.”

“SimplySnap is a simple, secure and scalable lighting and energy management solution. With it, our customers can understand when, where, and how energy is being used—or misused—and deploy data-informed process improvements that yield enduring ROI,” stated Susan Phillips, Synapse Wireless Director of Marketing. “The new website helps Synapse tell our unique story of over 2 million edge devices in the field and more than 40 wireless IoT patents granted. We wanted the site to highlight the easiest IoT controls in North America.”

The Synapse turnkey control platform, SimplySnap, was designed for tough, large-scale industrial environments and deployed across sports, campus, horticulture, distribution center, and warehouse applications. The SimplySnap solution satisfies energy-code requirements for both indoor and outdoor control systems. The secure, scalable, and intuitive platform supports multi-site management through the cloud interface, giving customers control over every location with a single log-in to access and control both small sites and large sites with up to 10,000 devices.

Phillips continued, “We believe in the three easys – easy to implement, easy-to-scale and easy-to use. The company’s approach to embedded lighting control helps OEM Engineers, Designers and Specifiers integrate a field-proven smart lighting control solution, giving facility managers and executives the insights to control consumption and save energy. SimplySnap is ushering in the next era of lighting control technology, where digital lighting control and integration with Industrial IoT applications will provide end-users the capabilities to meet their desired business outcomes. ”

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About Synapse Wireless Inc.

Synapse Wireless, Inc., a member of the McWane family, is an Internet of Things (IoT) company, focused on customer profitability through sustainability. Our team of craftsmen seeks to make environments smarter, more connected, and more controllable with holistic energy management systems like SimplySnap. Our performance optimization approach along with sophisticated insights and intuitive controls provides a reliable, scalable, and simple platform to reduce energy consumption and drive smart business decisions. We sense, analyze, and control, by revealing waste and risk.