Shafrir Romano Founds AmbienTech for Multi-Dimensional Lighting Control Solutions

July 15, 2021
AmbienTech provides an all-in-one solution to versatile, dynamic lighting in a standard wall switch format, without remote controls, batteries, or extra components.

Shafrir Romano, a serial entrepreneur and leader in the lighting control industry, has founded AmbienTech, a company dedicated to personalized lighting technology. AmbienTech develops, manufactures, and marketsTunable White Control Wall Switches. It currently focuses on the US and Canada markets, aiming to bring dynamic lighting to every home and business.

Shafrir Romano specializes in reinventing products and overcoming challenges, having registering 14 patents. With a proven track record of success over 30 years in the lighting industry, Shafrir built three companies from the ground up: At LighTech Electronics, a company focused on a miniaturized electronic transformer, he led all company activity, and it was eventually sold to GE; At TechnoMagnet, a company focused on Magnetic Transformers, he built a worldwide infrastructure and manufacturing facility; and at MagnitudeLighting, a company focused on Dimmable LED Drivers, he led the company to 30% annual growth and 500+ OEM customers. With deep technical, strategic and marketing understanding, Shafrir is adept at creating a precise user experience.

AmbienTech provides an all-in-one solution in a standard wall switch format, without remote controls, batteries, or extra components. AmbienTech’s versatile lighting creates the perfect ambience for every moment of the day. Studies have proven the crucial impact of light on performance and wellbeing.Precise lighting can be a game-changer in any environment, from homes to hotels, offices, and retail.

AmbienTech’s products are based on a single-switch, end-to-end approach, eliminating redundant components and compatibility issues for superior performance. Until today, adjustable lighting was a complex, costly affair, but AmbienTech has simplified it. With its wireless support, plug-and-play solution, the company provides an affordable, reliable solution.

“This is an age where customization is a top priority,” said Shafrir Romano, Founder and CEO of AmbienTech. “Just like an air conditioner or a stove, lighting must be adjustable. AmbienTech’s personalized lighting lets people express themselves through light, and create whatever mood they want at anytime, effortlessly.

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