LUXTECH Offers First Compelling Flex Modules Designed to Replace Traditional Rigid Modules: LUXroll (UL Listed, 2021 Sapphire Award Finalist)

Jan. 4, 2022
Switching from rigid boards to LUXTECH’s LUXroll flex makes a lot of sense. It's 2x faster to install, offers UL Listed specification-grade performance, and on average 1 SKU of LUXroll reduces SKU counts by 4x. Stocked in Philadelphia PA USA.

[PHILADELPHIA, PA - January 4th, 2022]  The Indirect Costs of Using Rigid Boards Make Switching to Flexible LED Modules a Compelling Choice

As rigid modules have long dominated the LED module market, OEM fixture manufacturers have dealt with the increased costs and complexity of managing an unnecessary number of module SKUs – 5.5”, 11”, 22”, 44”, 47” etc. These high SKU counts make it more challenging to leverage high volume buying power for any individual board, especially for high mix manufacturers. Clever decisions about which module lengths to inventory can only go so far, and installation time increases as operators have to trim, install, and wire multiple rigid modules together in a single fixture. With SMT machines currently limited to  4 foot build lengths, any fixture longer than 4 feet requires multiple rigid boards. Additionally, the discreet board lengths limit the variety of luminaire lengths that fixture manufacturers can offer to their customers. Using custom rigid module lengths presents additional risks by making inventory less versatile to be used in different products, often leading to undesirable lead times when frequent changes in fixture demand trigger supply management challenges. These overhead costs of inventory management and precious floor space compound quickly when utilizing rigid modules in many lengths. Imagine a world where a single module SKU could be continuously installed in any length fixture!

LUXTECH’s LUXroll Flex is the 1-SKU-Fits-All Solution   

LUXroll gives fixture OEMs the ability to reduce both luminaire costs and lead times by delivering architectural grade light with all of the additional benefits of using a single SKU in place of multiple rigid board lengths. Fixtures can be built to any length down to the half inch specification so the same module can be used across all fixture lengths for both standard and customizable product offerings. LUXroll reduces overall lead times and allows for more responsiveness to changes in demand for different fixture types and lengths.  Since it is used across products, it enables OEMs to receive volume price breaks for both high and low running fixtures. Compared to installing rigid boards, LUXroll is typically twice as fast to install meaning higher throughput in manufacturing. There is never a need to wire boards together to achieve longer runs or install multiple screws per board. Inventory footprint,  operating costs, and even module shipping costs are also often significantly reduced with the densely packed and reeled flex modules.

Speed of Installation:  LUXroll is 2x Faster to Install Than Traditional Rigid Boards

LUXroll typically improves the speed of module installation by 2x when compared to installing 2 rigid boards in fixtures >4 feet in length. LUXTECH has a video showing this comparison here:  The high-strength 3M adhesive is simple and quick to install while simultaneously creating an excellent thermal dissipation path for the module. The tape can be lifted and adjusted when installing but provides a robust bond for long term reliability even under harsh thermal conditions. Utilizing a reel carrier like the LUXroll dispenser simplifies the handling and installation process. With no screws or jumper wires, installation is as easy as measuring out the needed length, removing the adhesive liner while applying the module to the fixture, and attaching the driver wires into the poke in connectors.

UL Listed, Specification-Grade Performance:

LUXroll has a greater thermal dissipation performance than comparable FR4 rigid modules due to the high strength 3M thermal adhesive. As FR4 modules are driven harder and heat up, the screws can cause the board to buckle from thermal expansion which increases risk of thermal runaway and LED failure. With LUXroll, thermal contact is always maintained, and the LED junction temperature is kept well below 80°C even at >20W/ft with minimal heat sinking on typical fixture materials. The UL2108 listing for LUXroll holds for use even on wood substrate.  Peel force data shows LUXroll’s strength across a variety of materials, even at high operating temperatures.

LUXroll Variations:

LUXroll is available in constant current white and tunable white, and constant voltage RGB and RGB+W. All SKUs are UL2108 listed to make the fixture listing process cheaper and faster. With the same form factor, swapping out any version for another is super simple. The white and tunable white options are cuttable every ½ inch while RGB and RGBW options are cuttable every 2 inches. All come standard with poke in connectors and packaged in 44 foot recyclable reels. Stocked in Philadelphia for next day shipping.

Summary: Replacing Rigid Boards With LUXroll Flex Makes A Lot of Sense

As continuous reel-to-reel manufacturing techniques continue to mature in the electronics industry, continuous and flexible LED modules will become the standard in LED luminaires. There are clear benefits for versatility, volume pricing, reduced installation labor, and simplified inventory management. To learn more about LUXroll, check out our product videos and guides here: See the benefits for yourself and request LUXroll samples today!



LUXTECH designs & manufactures versatile, specification-grade LED modules for architectural lighting manufacturers. “We are a collection of engineers, designers and researchers based out of Philadelphia, PA and proudly work with architectural fixture manufacturers and teams around the world. Besides being inquisitive and inventive thinkers, we are also personable – we make sure our customers’ needs are heard and their expectations exceeded.  We believe lighting has the power to define our world: it can elicit a mood, improve appearances, enhance performance, and influence our behavior. By pushing the latest lighting technology and manufacturing exceptionally built modules with the utmost customer care, we believe we can elevate illumination to foster a better world.”

-Graham Merrifield

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