MetroSpec Technology® announces Powerful New FlexRad® FacetCore™ Configuration

June 26, 2023
FlexRad includes a variety of technologies that allow fixture manufacturers to fill almost any shape with light.

ST. PAUL, MN, June 14, 2023 - MetroSpec Technology®, the leading American manufacturer of custom LED light sources, announces a powerful range of configurations for its unique FlexRad® FacetCore™ technology. MetroSpec can provide preformed FacetCore assemblies with as many sides as needed to be used to make globes, pendants, sconces, and a wide variety of fixed and hanging fixtures. This lightweight light source is easy to assemble and simple to replace existing fixtures, taking out costly metal and COBs.  The same FacetCore product can also be used as single wide strips to accommodate other linear fixtures.  Available in just about every color and CRI, FacetCore is the ideal choice for Industrial, Architectural and Commercial fixture manufacturers. 

FlexRad includes a variety of technologies that allow fixture manufacturers to fill almost any shape with light.  The novel applications of FlexRad also include Cut2Fit, Dually, Linear360, Hashtag, BoardonCoil, Dim2Tone, and 4Tone. In all of its forms, FlexRad is the most powerful, versatile, and most reliable LED light technology available. As with all MetroSpec products, FacetCore can be customized to perfectly fit all customer requirements.

Vic Holec, Founder of MetroSpec Technology, discussing the advantages of FacetCore states, "MetroSpec’s mission is to enable North American light fixture manufacturers to efficiently build light fixture forms simply with less material and labor. FacetCore, for example, can cut up to 50% of the cost and more than half of the components out of fixture designs using it. It is simple and extremely powerful - perfect for cylinders, pendants, and sconces - without making tradeoffs in size and appearance.”

Informational sheets and videos for FlexRad® products can be found on their website:

About MetroSpec Technology

MetroSpec Technology is an LED light source manufacturing company specializing in custom flexible, high quality, high intensity lighting solutions tailored for light fixture manufacturers producing high-end commercial, architectural, and hybrid lighting systems. MetroSpec offers quick development for all of their patented FlexRad LED light engines made exactly to custom specifications. FlexRad is innovative, field proven and customizable to any shape and size with optional wires, connectors, or PMount™ press-in-place fasteners.

MetroSpec Technology is located minutes from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in St. Paul, Minnesota.