EuControls Introduces Its Zigbee Compatible Ceiling Mount Multi-Sensor

Feb. 12, 2020
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LOS ANGELES, CA — EuControls is excited to announce the addition of a compact ceiling mount multi-sensor/controller to its growing wireless lighting controls product portfolio. The S810-PLT-DZB is a unique Zigbee compatible energy management device aimed at new and retrofit indoor lighting projects that require occupancy, light, and temperature sensing, in addition to fixture-level lighting control. 12VDC-powered with a 0–10V dimming interface, this relay-less sensor is ideal for sensor-ready Dim-to-Zero/Off LED drivers equipped with auxiliary power.

The S810-PLT-DZB has a low profile, designed for installation through a standard drop ceiling tile or in the bottom of a light fixture body, providing a 13’ detection radius at a 10’ mount height. It uses PIR (passive infrared) sensing technology to detect motion in its coverage area, and can automatically dim or turn off local or networked lights when persons have left the area, reducing energy usage. A built-in photodiode allows for daylight harvesting operation and additional energy savings, while a temperature sensor enables HVAC applications for increasing occupant comfort.

Commissioning and adjustment of sensor operations are made via Zigbee HA 1.2 compatible gateways capable of energy management strategies. The S810-PLT-DZB sensor is certified to work with GE Current’s Daintree Enterprise ControlScope Manager and is also compatible with Autani’s EnergyCenter and Nimbus 9's Unifi platforms. The sensor is UL Listed for safe worldwide operation and employs a modular RJ9 quick-click connector for easy wiring. All sensors from EuControls are protected by a 5-year limited product warranty.

For more information about the new S810-PLT-DZB multi-sensor and other Zigbee lighting controllers, please visit EuControls delivers innovative controls products demanded in today’s rapidly evolving LED lighting industry. Our friendly Los Angeles based staff is ready to provide effective solutions for your unique lighting control needs.