Tonight the door closes on a significant SSL speaker opportunity

The call for an opportunity to present at Strategies in Light 2019 is nearly closed. Will you be a part of formulating a solid strategy for the next phase of LED and lighting business growth and technology evolution?

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Ledsblog060818It’s a matter of routine that there are bursts of company activity before any reasonably-sized LED and lighting industry tradeshow or conference. Still, it is pretty much a year-round task preparing such an event — for example, Strategies in Light 2019 in Las Vegas. Yes, Vegas! We’re heading out to the desert to bring the sophistication of the solid-state lighting (SSL) industry to that infamous city of glitz. Won’t you join us? Better yet, bring your A-game and submit a speaker abstract on a topic that showcases your expertise. Let’s go through the basic journalistic checklist for the details.

Who are we looking for?

Presenters cover all aspects of LED and lighting technology and product development, executive management, industry service organization members, and scientists and academics whose R&D helps advance the industry. You may be involved in enabling technologies, lighting design and specification, end-product design and manufacturing — to name a few.

What topics can be addressed?

That is a valid question. The Reader’s Digest version of the answer is that you can find a list of suggested topics here. It is by no means comprehensive, but it should be enough to determine whether your latest research, product development, or design/application experience is meshing with the expectations of our audience.

When do we need it?

LITERALLY BY TONIGHT, PEOPLE. The submissions are closing so the board can begin the arduous evaluation process. So please start typing before 11:59:59 PM US Central Time.

If you’re wondering when you will find out whether your abstract was accepted, well, I was, too. So I consulted my top-secret inside source, and said source indicates that notifications will begin in early September.

Where can you find more information about Strategies in Light?

The Strategies in Light conference website will give you additional context on the attendee profile and how the event is organized. You’ll be able to fully understand why we describe this conference as being driven by three larger themes — technology, application, and inspiration — and how that informs the selection of submitted abstracts.

Why submit an abstract?

Because our conference advisory board is looking for game-changing strategists to inform the industry, “Hey, this is how we’re developing technology/serving applications/building new capabilities into and beyond illumination — and this is what is going to help us as an industry to drive the markets forward, increase profitability, impact the human experience and wellbeing, and much more.” You are the driving force of the industry. Share your knowledge with your peers.

OK, I’ll repeat the ‘how,’ because it’s standard to repeat a call to action.

Visit the submission portal here. The team is looking forward to reviewing each submission and crafting this conference program according to the themes and developments that emerge during evaluation. You are our best knowledge resource.

This is probably the one time I will ever respectfully ask that you stop reading to do something that is more pressing.

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