Dig into more CES lighting treats — courtesy of Twitter stalking

Jan. 12, 2018
In today’s blog, our associate editor does a little Twitter stalking to call out a few cool new lighting-based launches from CES 2018.

We have pointed out before that CES in Las Vegas is a consumer electronics show; since solid-state lighting (SSL) technology isn’t the main course, we just don’t “dine out” on that event as much we would like to in our coverage. We do of course pay close attention to exciting launches from companies in our sector that show a futuristic integration of smart concepts enabled by LED technology and controls, such as the LEDvance Bluetooth Mesh, Philips Hue, and Osram smart car collaboration announcements that broke in the past week. Still, while doing some Twitter stalking, I found a few other lighting-related launches that, although they wouldn’t be “breaking news” for LEDs Magazine, are still fun or forward-thinking enough to consider as appetizers for a bit of Friday fun.

Our #CES2018 is off to a great start! Sands Booth 42949, come check us out! #NanoleafCESpic.twitter.com/ArV5VLk9xX

— Nanoleaf (@nanoleaf) January 9, 2018

Finally, this last Twitter trend I stalked from CES is perhaps less fun but certainly forward-thinking in defining what it means to truly take care of our aging society and enable more autonomy for as long as is safe and possible. French elder-care technology provider Domalys introduced its Aladin smart LED lamp to the US for elder home care that helps keep track of movements of seniors around the home, provides alerts for falls, and detects movements and activity out of the norm to alert caregivers of potential signs of illness. It will apparently be available for both home residential and healthcare residential uses.