Hitting the pause button on the latest from the LED & Lighting Network

Dec. 8, 2017
The blog that was about nothing turned into a blog about everything going on in the LED & Lighting Network and what’s coming up for our solid-state lighting audience in 2018.

If there’s one thing that might set my hair afire at this hectic time (metaphorically speaking), it’s having too many thoughts to get a real solid handle on a blog topic. I’ve spent a lot of time looking ahead to what is coming down the pike and not enough time taking in what has been happening along the way. So as I settle myself down with a little herbal tea, I’m giving myself permission to roam this week.

We’ve had a lot of activity recently, what with some of our team attending LuxLive in London during November. Look for more on that show’s hot topics in our February issue. You can read about some of the announcements and developments around LuxLive (some news about Feilo Sylvania, BMW and Aurora, a Gooee lighting trial, and the Lighting Industry Association), but also take a quick coffee break with the Lux Awards video because it is genuinely fun and inspiring. What strikes me is how someone can distill that evening down into less than four minutes of footage, but I assure you that our colleagues at Lux put so much work into that program and it is no easy feat to pull off! Congratulations to all who were acknowledged — we’re sure it will motivate a lot of leadership in lighting innovation through the upcoming year.

Along those lines, our LED & Lighting Network colleagues have also been working on the Sapphire Awards, with the finalists in product categories announced this week. Coming soon will be announcements on the Illumineer of the Year finalists, project recognition, and the Rising Star and Humanitarian awards that are new this year. It will be a real shining moment when the winners are revealed at the Sapphire Awards Gala dinner on February 14th. (Did you know there is a “sweetheart” discount for the evening? After all, it will be Valentine’s Day. I kid you not!)

Plus, we’ll be continuing our “countdown to the conference,” posting online exclusives both from and about the speakers, sessions, and other important details about Strategies in Light, co-located with The LED Show and Lightspace California. We have been talking with some brilliant speakers who have expertise in really exciting areas, so keep an eye on the website, e-newsletters, and social media for more pre-conference insights.

We also recently hosted an outstanding webcast on factors in human-centric lighting, so please check that out on demand if you haven’t had a chance to hear what Mariana Figueiro and Tom Hamilton had to say on healthy lighting. I did address some interesting points in last week’s blog. We’ll keep covering the spectrum of human-centric lighting research and design topics in all forms. If you haven’t already, sign up for our Lighting for Health & Wellbeing newsletter to get all that information delivered to your inbox.

Instead of being much ado about nothing, this seems to be more about everything that our LED & Lighting Network has been hammering away on the past several weeks. I think that’s plenty!