Your turn: How will 2018 inform SSL industry activity in the coming year?

Talk to us about the state of LED and solid-state lighting (SSL) technology and business in 2019. We welcome your thoughts!

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Last year around this time, chief editor Maury Wright sent me his Commentary for our annual LED & Lighting Industry Guide, which outlined the trends in business activity, technology development, and applications that he anticipated would make news in 2018. You have to hand it to him, because he nailed a lot of it when you look over our recent report on the top articles of 2018 that reflect the majority of his insights.

Like many folks, I tend to get a bit introspective at the beginning of a new year. It marks a turning of the page, certainly, representing opportunities for reinvention, a renewed spirit of innovation, and determination to achieve success across various new objectives. What I would like to do is to turn the conversation back over to you, our audience. If the LED and solid-state lighting (SSL) industry had New Year’s resolutions, what would or should they be? What milestones will be achieved this year? What applications of LED technology do you think will continue to gain traction or will emerge from the primordial ooze, so to speak? Also, what may be even more compelling to consider, what trends or technologies will “die” or be phased out due to commercialization difficulties, economic forces, and so on?

The lines of communication are open. Feel free to send your comments to our general mailbox at I will be checking in on it frequently and I’d like to use your insights to develop a future blog. If your observations or comments really strike us as thought-provoking, we may want to pursue a bylined column from you as our Last Word in the magazine. While we consider our work a deep resource for LED and lighting professionals, it certainly wouldn’t be so without the participation and insights of other minds in the industry.

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