UPDATED - FAQs on the BrightStar Awards

Jan. 18, 2023
LEDs Magazine's BrightStar Awards deadline has been extended to Feb. 3! Read up on things to know before you complete your entries.

As the deadline of Jan. 31, 2023 NOTE EXTENDED DEADLINE now approaches for the LEDs Magazine BrightStar Awards, and we have received some questions that demonstrated we can always be more clear in outlining the requirements for participation in our program! Please see below for the latest, and if your question is not addressed here, please make sure to email Carrie Meadows before Feb. 3!

UPDATED — I have an indoor/outdoor (multi-use) lighting product. But there are separate categories for Indoor SSL and Outdoor SSL. How should I label my entry?

This is an excellent question. Our team recommends that you assume a primary use for the product whether lamp or luminaire and enter it in only one category, indoor or outdoor. Your product description affords you the opportunity to explain the value of having a product that serves in both environments, how it is designed to accommodate needs indoors and out, standout features, and so on. And we have updated the category descriptions on the BrightStar Awards portal to indicate that retrofit lamps are accepted in both categories.

Does my company need to be based in the United States to be eligible for a BrightStar Award?

No, we encourage product developers from all over to enter for possible recognition.

Does my company have to attend or exhibit at LightFair in order to be eligible?

No, we do not require a submitting company to have a presence at LightFair. We are simply planning to meet with and congratulate recipients in person as the opportunity presents itself. LEDs Magazine and Endeavor Business Media have no direct affiliation with the LightFair organizers.

What exactly do you mean by "commercially available"?

Submitted products must not have been released for commercial purchase prior to July 21, 2021 and must be on the market no later than March 1, 2023. If your product launch timing is in question, please hold it for next year.

Can I submit more than one product?

Yes! You may:

  • Submit multiple related products as one product lineup under one entry (for example, a family of luminaires or drivers, LEDs, etc.)
  • Submit multiple individual products as separate product entries within the same category (for example, multiple different indoor luminaires in the Indoor SSL category)
  • Submit multiple individual products as separate product entries in different categories (for example, an indoor luminaire in the Indoor SSL category and an outdoor luminaire in the Outdoor SSL category, and so on)
  • Use the same contact information for multiple entries in order to receive the $100 discount on your subsequent entry after the first is completed in the awards system

Do I need to supply a video of my product in use?

It is not mandatory, but anything that will help the judges to see the operation or setup of a product especially a luminaire or control solution will help them to determine the value of features and level of innovation beyond what has been previously launched.

Can I submit a product that is undergoing third-party certification?

That depends on whether your product meets the criteria above for commercial availability. Some products may be released to market prior to finalization of third-party test claims and still be available within the timeframe of July 21, 2021 and March 1, 2022.

Who will be judging the BrightStar Awards entries?

Our team is in the process of finalizing our list of 2023 judges, and we will publish that after the panel finishes the review process so as to remain impartial during our submission evaluation period. We will not identify which judges evaluated a particular product category or specific entry.

When will BrightStar honorees be notified of their recognition?

The LEDs Magazine team will notify honorees who received a score of 3.55 stars under embargo no later than early April in order to have time for confirmation of trophy information and who will receive the trophy. Public recognition via LEDs Magazine coverage and social media will take place on May 23, 2023. We plan to hand out trophies to exhibitors and attendees of LightFair as possible on May 23. All other non-attending honorees will have a trophy shipped to their specified company contact.

Can I find out what judges had to say about my BrightStar entry?

Yes. After LightFair 2023 closes, anyone who submitted an entry may email Carrie Meadows to learn whether the judges shared any specific feedback about their product. We will not automatically send these comments to every entrant, so please have patience. Also, keep in mind that judges are not required to enter comments during their evaluation, so there may not be feedback available for every individual submission.

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