Smart buildings publication broadens scope

July 16, 2021
We welcome a new brand to the Endeavor Business Media family and look at how it complements the LEDs Magazine focus.

You may have heard that our sister publication Smart Buildings Technology has launched. The website has been up and running with a newsletter for weeks, but the premiere publication was just released. In flipping through a new magazine, I always read the editor’s column first. You typically get a sense of the mission, the intended audience, the planned areas of focus.

Chief editor Patrick McLaughlin explained in his column that the publication tagline is “Integrating the ecosystem” not only the various functional systems in a building but the “ecosystem of people,” the professionals whose trades and skillsets will need to cross over in collaboration and provide an environment in which information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) are deployed for successful smart buildings.

In LEDs Magazine content and at our events, you will find connected lighting and lighting controls coverage, and we will continue to explore the integration of systems in a building network…But that framework will rely on advanced solid-state lighting (SSL) and associated components as a ubiquitous enabling technology. SBT will cover technologies, building design, and applications in smart buildings from an IT/OT perspective. At LEDs, we look to the LED and SSL product developers, lighting and energy standards organizations, and lighting design and specification community to inform our coverage on smart systems that combine quality light with thoughtful design in the built environment.

If you’re working on design, implementation, or management of smart building systems in any fashion, I encourage you to check out the debut issue of Smart Buildings Technology and subscribe.

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