Strategies in Light program gives 3-D and germicidal UV a strong billing

March 5, 2021
Industry success relies on identifying key trends, evolving our knowledge base, and learning how to achieve value in a tactical way. Strategies in Light 2021 creates such opportunity, with two vital areas attracting significant commercial interest.

I can’t believe it is already March, and around the world we are still working through business as usual as coronavirus vaccines are rolling out and many areas are still experiencing shutdowns, slowdowns, or restrictions on regional activities. I want to provide you with some glimmer of positivity, with spring looming here in the northern hemisphere, so let’s bring on the good news, shall we?

While it is certainly not “final,” the conference program for August’s Strategies in Light in Santa Clara, CA is now live. I couldn’t help but notice that some very timely solid-state lighting (SSL) topics are high profile for this year’s event.

Mere weeks back, I attended the US Department of Energy (DOE) Lighting R&D Workshop virtual event, co-sponsored by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). I wrote a blog asking the question that was top of mind during one particular day’s sessions: “Will the SSL industry print its way to a stronger supply chain?” Of course, the workshop presenters divulged their experiences and recommendations for 3-D printing (also known as additive manufacturing) with a high level of optimism for its viability on the commercial level. But we recognize that demands change and techniques evolve, so the success of 3-D printing in the supply chain isn’t yet cemented. Our Strategies in Light program has seen some energy in this topic area over the past few years, so I think we are getting to the point where actionable data and ways to move ahead may resolve into a roadmap of some sorts. You’ll see on the schedule that veteran SSL industry specialist Nadarajah Narendran of the Lighting Research Center (LRC) will lead a workshop on opening day, with additional panelists to be named, that will cover process and materials, design and cost considerations, component evaluations, and gaps needing to be filled in order to progress this manufacturing option. But wait, there’s more! There will be an entire session with multiple presentations on additive manufacturing for lighting. Speakers from Acuity Brands, Signify, and Eaton Corp. will dig deeper into the value of customizable luminaires, lower SKU burden to manage, how to improve components, sustainability impacts, and more.

Switching to the other blazin’ hot topic of ultraviolet C-band radiation (UV-C) for germicidal applications, Strategies in Light will hold two separate sessions on the schedule. One will headline the technology developments behind UV-C LED devices, their manufacturing evolution and performance achievements , and the capabilities of what is called far UV-C (222-nm radiation). You will notice the familiar name of consultant Mike Krames in that first session; he has written an article for LEDs Magazine on the technology roadmap for UV-C LEDs and he will also present a webcast on Mar. 23 that will explain challenges posed by GUV systems and the ways in which traditional lamp sources and LEDs perform in such systems. The second conference session will focus on the germicidal application, UV germicidal irradiation (UVGI) or GUV. You all know the entire industry has been covering, working on, or building out awareness of the capabilities, potential hazards, and safe implementation of UV systems to decrease the risks posed by pathogens on surfaces and in air. The entire supply chain will continue for some time to be involved in developing performance metrics, identifying appropriate standards, and driving proper product design and installation for best use cases.

The advance of LED and SSL technology depends on constant interaction and learning from stakeholders and experts in the field, so register to join us from Aug. 2426, 2021. You can bookmark the program as well to find updates as items are refined in the schedule.

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