Capture a clearer view of 2021 on the calendar

Nov. 6, 2020
Maybe it's "old school," but we like to plot out the industry happenings on our events page for you in the audience. Drop us a line and let us know what we're missing for 2021.

We tend to rule our lives by calendars and schedules, whether printed, marker board, or virtual assistant-style. I like a mix of scribble-covered printed calendar and digital schedule.

Today's blog is a short public service announcement, which we post from time to time to keep you in the loop. If you don't already know, I manage the events calendar on the LEDs Magazine website. I don't want to assume that everyone in our audience knows that! Lately, I have been realizing that we may not be stockpiling all the pertinent online LED and solid-state lighting (SSL) learning and seminar opportunities that we should. I can't help but notice that the dates for 2021 are growing thin and that may be just that I'm not getting the announcements straight from the sources.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, all industries and markets have shifted their focus to online learning and information distribution, including ours. As evidenced, we recently held two virtual events a debut event on quality of light, and the annual HortiCann Light + Tech conference, which is typically held in person and as of now we plan to do so next year.

Of course, we are living in uncertain times and plans may be coming along more conservatively. So I ask just for curiosity's sake: What are your current plans for events in early 2021, at the least? Are you developing a virtual conference? Holding an online training, certification, or course for CEUs? Presenting R&D on behalf of an academic organization? Hosting an industry roundtable? Have a call for papers/presentations? Let us know. Send me the pertinent details and I'll update the industry events calendar accordingly.

Quick bullets on what to e-mail to me:

  • Title of the event
  • Name of the organizer/institution hosting
  • Online or in-person
  • Dates of event
  • Website
  • No more than 50 words summary of event

Typically I'll round up the events and post them once per week, so don't be concerned if they do not show up online the same day. And you can bookmark the industry events page for convenience.