Take our four-question poll on creating safer workspaces

Sept. 18, 2020
On the blog, we're looking for your take on options to manage a safer return to work in commercial office spaces.

You may have seen some of our latest "Last Word" columns in LEDs Magazine, encouraging a big-picture perspective on how health concerns have opened the collective awareness to how much indoor space we cover as humans in a commercial office setting, specifically. Both Mark Milligan of Enlighted and James Tu of Energy Focus have recently contributed their views on smart lighting technology integration into a workspace and how human-centric design can and should be a priority consideration in the built environment, respectively. These industry viewpoint pieces are very complementary, and I think they are both onto something, in the way that they propose how we can feel more secure and also improve the utility and experience of the built environment with what we've learned from the coronavirus pandemic.

With those thoughts in mind, we developed a little poll today that we hope you'll take and enlighten us to your commercial office status and whether your inclinations to inhabit that workspace would be impacted by new smart lighting and smart building technologies, as well as safe application of ultraviolet germicidal apparatus.