Five reasons Strategies in Light is worth your time

Feb. 7, 2020
Despite a disruptive start to the New Year, C&E season is upon us, and as they say, the show must go on. Here are five reasons why being in San Diego should matter to you.

2020 has gotten off to a rather unusual start. In the US, we have had a lot of attention focused around political – um – drama, and I’m just going to leave that there. Political dynamics, indeed, are a bit unsettled around the globe. Add on that the coronavirus is affecting many folks in China and beyond, which is disturbing and certainly cause for caution. From a purely pragmatic standpoint, all of these situations have had a negative impact on global business operations and financials, as we’ve recently seen addressed by leaders in two of the top companies in the solid-state lighting (SSL) industry (see recent financial news on Signify and Osram by our Mark Halper).

Still, we must march ahead despite the atmosphere and unexpected global events. As we count down just four days from the conference, I wanted to take a moment to outline the value represented by Strategies in Light and the opportunities that it delivers for bringing fresh ideas to industry business models, lighting design concepts, product development planning, and value-add services for digital lighting. Here are five reasons why Strategies in Light is worth your investment.

1. Hands-on, intensive education with industry experts.

The individuals leading our workshops are well-known in the LED and SSL supply chain for a reason. From a deep dive into optical properties and design, to deconstructing standards and metrics, to providing intellectual property insights, and working out the future of the lighting business, they will give attendees their focused attention and help them to achieve new levels of mastery in their field.

2. Investment opportunity, right on site.

Strategies in Light can and has been the place to make the right connections, particularly during the day-long Investor Forum. The Investor Forum will offer an inside look at companies that have focused on niche development in vertical markets and potentially connect businesses looking for partnerships in areas that move beyond general lighting.

3. Updates on exciting vertical markets and applications.

Circadian, automotive, connected, horticultural – all of these lighting applications offer new revenue streams for the LED and SSL market. Updates on their expected growth, best practices and standards, how to tackle design challenges, and more pervade the entire program across all three tracks and the Keynote/Plenary sessions.

4. Panels to examine SSL from all angles.

We believe in the panel format to encourage lively discussion, as well as debate, not only amongst the industry representatives on each panel but also amongst the audience members, who often take away new perspectives to challenge long-held viewpoints and break conventional thinking about lighting design, industry standards and practices, and new technologies on which they’ve been hesitating in order to experience proof of concept and return on investment.

5. Networking opportunities, inside and outside the exhibits.

There are actually 12 hours of networking accounted for during this conference. Between refreshment breaks, lunches, and receptions, including the Sapphire Awards, you can connect with peers and potential new business partners at multiple opportunities, whether you are in the exhibits or standing in line for coffee. But draw the line at the restrooms, please. That’s just good manners.

We'll see you next week in San Diego to discover the opportunities of light.