Cree unveils 700-micron EZBright power chip

Feb. 28, 2007
A new power chip from Cree enables to the company to address a broader range of lighting markets.
Cree has released the EZBright 700 chip, the latest member of the EZBright LED power chip family, which achieves a typical output of 260 mW at 350 mA and 440 mW at 700 mA.

The chip measures 680 x 680 microns, and is intermediate in size between existing 1x1 mm and 290x290-micron EZBright chips.

"Cree recognizes the market need for high performance at low cost across a range of lighting applications," stated David Davito, Cree director of marketing for optoelectronics. "With the mid-size format EZBright 700, we're expanding the EZBright line to address a broader range of lighting markets."

With a thickness of 100 microns, the chip has a low forward voltage of 3.6 V, at 350 mA.

The EZBright platform features a proprietary optical design that delivers an optimal Lambertian radiation pattern with reduced emission losses and high efficiency compared to Cree's other LED chip platforms. This high-efficiency design scales well with the size of the chip, says the company.

Cree is targeting the chip at general lighting applications, including auto headlamps, streetlights, camera flash, projection lighting, personal lighting and indoor and outdoor display applications.