DTI workshop to discuss solid-state lighting strategy

Jan. 9, 2006
The UK government wants input from stakeholders to direct its strategy in the areas of Solid State Lighting and Photovoltaics.
A workshop organized by the UK's Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) and the Welsh Optical Forum will discuss future DTI strategy within the areas of Solid State Lighting and Photovoltaics.

The event takes place on Tuesday January 17, 2006 at King’s Hotel, High Street, Newport, Wales, from 10.30 to 18.00.

The workshop is an excellent opportunity for industry, academia and research organisations to significantly influence future strategy in Solid State Lighting and Photovoltaics.

The workshop is an integral part of the DTI consultation process to secure feedback whilst developing strengths, weaknesses and threats facing the potential of photonic technologies in both the energy-efficient LED/OLED lighting and renewable energy sources such as solar cell technologies.

Workshop participants will discuss the UK’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the SSL & PV sectors and will form part of the final DTI strategy report which is due for completion in spring 2006.

The workshop will also challenge the lighting and PV sectors to formulate suggested roadmaps and practical government interventions that could provide assistance to the respective sectors in the future.

The immense potential and rapid growth of both Solid-State Lighting and Photovoltaic markets suggest the UK has a leading role to play globally. The UK’s activities in these sectors offer several major opportunities within device development, system integration, new opportunities for medical treatment, design for the built environment, automotive lighting, horticultural systems and new installation techniques and new forms of final application.

The topics to be discussed include; transport lighting, transport information systems, display backlights, horticultural production, medical light sources, low energy buildings, stand alone lighting systems, micro-generation, transmission line support and electrical load management and stability.


Attendance and refreshments are free but prior registration is requested. Please send an email to Customer Refocus or call 01656 767545 to register giving the following information:

Name of Delegates, Business Title, Organisation General Area of Interest (Solid State Lighting, Photovoltaics) and Specialist Field

And at least one of (ideally always including a postal address): Postal address, Email, Telephone (Switchboard), Telephone (Direct), Mobile, Website, Fax number

Main Agenda

Potential delegates are invited to suggest items for the agenda to the organisers, Customer Refocus, phone: 01656 767545.

10:30 Delegate Registration and Coffee
11:00 Introduction and Welcome
11:10 Introduction to Photonics Strategy, DTI Representative
11:25 Current Trends in SSL & PV
11:40 General group discussion on objectives of workshop
11:50 Breakout sessions (Solid State Lighting or Photovoltaics)

    UK Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
    Drivers of future growth (technology, skills and finance)
    How the UK industry could look in 10 years
    Actions needed to maximise the 10 year opportunity
13:00 Lunch & Networking, Collection of strategy questionnaires 14:00 Continuation of Breakout sessions 15:30 Coffee Break 15:45 Conclusions from Breakout sessions 16:20 General Discussion 17:50 Finish