Program details announced for LEDs 2008

Sept. 9, 2008
The annual San Diego conference takes place at the end of this month.
*** Press release from IntertechPira ***

LEDs 2008 is to be headlined by key industry players include Philips Lumileds Lighting, Cree Inc, Osram Opto Semiconductors, Toyoda Gosei, Nichia, the US EPA and Audi

This year’s event set for Monday, September 29, 2008 – Wednesday, October 1, 2008 at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina in San Diego, CA, US will highlight the impressive growth and key developments that have occurred in the industry during the past year and provide a roadmap for future development.

The future looks bright as the LED industry continues to grow at 10-15% per year and is expected to climb as high as $7 billion by 2010. This performance has been fueled by increased adoption of LEDs in several strategic end-use markets including camera flash, projection displays, LCD backlighting and automotive headlamps.

These topics will be addressed by several speakers at LEDs 2008 including John Jacobs of DisplaySearch who will detail how LEDs are being increasingly adopted into LCD backlighting systems by companies such as HP and Apple who have begun to utilize these systems in their PC notebooks. Stephan Berlitz of Audi will discuss his company’s expanded use of HB LED headlamps and how it is strengthening their brand image.

LEDs continue to make gains in the general illumination market. The recent advent of several bans on incandescent lighting has led to a greater number of users are looking to solid state lighting as an environmentally friendly and energy efficient alternative. Terry McGowan of the American Lighting Association will examine residential lighting and will highlight some unique industry requirements that must be met for LEDs to become more commonly used in the household.

Sheila Kennedy Kennedy and Violich Architecture will expand on this theme by looking at HB LEDs in architecture while placing additional emphasis on solving vertical integration problems. These talks and others will highlight the inroads LEDs have made in general illumination while also detailing obstacles that must yet be overcome for LEDs to acquire a greater share of this lucrative market.

Of course, in many ways industry growth is driven by the work being done by the LED manufacturers, all of whom are represented on the LEDs 2008 program and will also participate on our manufacturer’s panel.

This year’s panelists are George Craford, Chief Technical Officer for Philips Lumileds, John Edmond, founder of Cree, Christian Fricke, Vice President of Research and Development for Osram Opto Semiconductor, Daniel Doxsee of Nichia America, and Bill Kennedy General Manager of the LEDs Department at Toyoda Gosei. This forum will provide an excellent opportunity to interact with industry leaders and to learn more about the issues that are most salient to industry objectives.

New to this year’s program includes the audience select Best in Show Awards and the Exhibitor Forum where attendees will be the first to hear product announcements, live demos and participate in question and answer sessions as industry suppliers discuss their latest technology solutions.

At a time when the LEDs market continues to experience explosive economic and technological growth, IntertechPira’s LEDs 2008 conference is both timely and practical, providing a unique opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge and network with industry leaders from around the world on this dynamic and growing industry.