Edison Opto, ProLightOpto license Intematix phosphors (update)

Sept. 9, 2005
Two Taiwan-based LED packagers have signed up to use Intematix's patented phosphors for white LEDs.
Intematix Corporation has announced that Edison Opto, a Taiwan-based high-power LED packager, is the latest company to license its White Lightning Y450 and Y460 phosphors for white LED manufacturing.

Intematix has also licensed its White Lightning products to Taiwan's ProLight Opto Technology Corporation for use in a variety of applications in the white LED market.

Based in Taoyuan County, Taiwan, ProLight Opto is focused on providing high-reliability, high-quality, and cost-effective power LED packaged products.

Intematix has announced four other licensees of its phosphor technology, most recently Unity Opto.

Edison Opto of Chung-Ho, Taiwan is focused on applications including power LEDs, LCD backlighting, camera flashes, emerging general illumination and architectural solutions. The company will use the Intematix phosphor technologies in its core and emerging businesses.

Intematix' Chief Executive Officer, Ruediger Stroh, said, "We believe Edison Opto is a valuable partner whose understanding of end systems and innovative designs built around the White Lightning phosphor technology will make a significant contribution to the marketplace."

"Edison Opto has set its targets to being the best in the markets and applications of general lighting, LCD backlight and automotive lighting," said the company's CEO Jason Wu. "We have combined our unique coating technology with optimized phosphor from Intematix, and will continue to rely on Intematix to reliably tune their phosphor as our innovations continue."

The first members of the Intematix phosphor family, the White Lightning Y450(TM) and Y460(TM), were announced in March and are available for high volume use, providing a fully patent-backed, merchant supply of phosphor options to designers and manufacturers of white LED solutions.

According to Stroh, Intematix is now in full production of the White Lightning Y460. The company claims this products enables customers to develop white LEDs that are equivalent to those manufactured with YAG phosphors (the most common white LED phosphor) and superior to TAG-enabled LEDs at 460nm. (TAG phosphor has been licensed by Osram to several companies).

Stroh added, "LEDs using our Y450 Phosphor at 450 or 455nm are now outperforming YAG-enabled LEDs, which is a major breakthrough for our customers."