LEDs Magazine Review – July 2005

July 20, 2005
The July 2005 issue of LEDs Magazine Review contains a large number of feature articles, as well as news & analysis.

LEDs for general illumination: Energy codes, lumens per watt and the rest of the story
Jeff Schwartz, a Lighting Technical Specialist with ICF Consulting, discusses the requirements for LED-based lighting products to gain approval under regulations such as the Energy Star scheme and California's Title 24.

ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTINGDesigner-friendly LED luminaires expand conceptual optionsSolid-state lighting opens up a whole series of possibilities limited only by our imagination, writes Ian Mills of Philips Lighting.

Automotive industry embraces LED use for forward lighting
The introduction of higher-flux LED systems and standardized modules is likely to help automotive forward lighting follow the development path of rear lamps, writes Deval Desai.

NEMA and ASSIST focus on solid-state lighting penetration
Industry organizations such as ASSIST and NEMA's solid-state lighting section fulfill an essential as the technology moves towards the marketplace. LEDs Magazine spoke with Chips Chipalkatti from Osram Sylvania about the activities of these groups.

LIGHTING PRODUCTSTIR Systems unveils Lexel lighting platformTIR has built a platform for solid-state lighting which incorporates key advances in thermal management, optics and color control.

Constant-current drivers provide power for automotive LED lighting
In automotive lighting and signaling applications, high-brightness LEDs cannot be powered directly from the battery but require specialized power converters delivering constant-current output. As Ahmed Masood of Supertex describes, a crucial aspect is to ensure that the LED driver is immune to conducted electrical disturbances.

PACKAGING & OPTICSMicro-optics for LED lighting in consumer productsIn consumer products such as mobile phones, module size and electrical power limitations impose major challenges for the design of optics for efficient beam-shaping of the Lambertian LED output. Diffractive micro-optics can play an important role in meeting these requirements.

Hybrid fixture lights up the night
Working with various partners, California Lighting Technology Center has developed a hybrid LED/incandescent fixture with a motion detector, which is now being applied to pathway and security lighting.

DISPLAYSLED Dragon breathes fire in Japanese attraction A fantastic 40-foot tower featuring two intertwining LED displays is the highlight of a Japanese spa.

LEDs face challenges for urban lighting
Carl Gardner, a lighting designer based in the UK, is currently involved in a city square regeneration project. The project, says Gardner, has focused his mind on the issues associated with using LEDs in this type of architectural lighting application.

Ambient Experience: LEDs go to hospital
Philips Solid State Lighting has developed an LED lighting scheme which creates a more patient-friendly and efficient hospital environment, as Luc van der Poel describes.

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