CoolLED engineers compact pE-300lite scientific LED light source for microscopy applications

Aug. 2, 2016

With 10 years’ experience, CoolLED wanted to make an illumination product which is accessible to all. The new pE-300lite from CoolLED is all about simplicity.

Designed to fit most microscopes, the pE-300lite uses the same award winning technology as our more sophisticated LED Illumination Systems. The pE-300lite is a compact system at a cost which makes it accessible to all.

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Simple to buy
Configured for your everyday fluorophores such as DAPI, FITC, TRITC & Cy5.
Affordable through your lab consumables budget
Fast delivery times to keep your lab up and running
Simple to fit
Direct fit means the pE-300lite just attaches straight onto your microscopes epi-fluorescence port in seconds.
Once only simple adjustment optimises the light output for your microscope for years to come.
Focus on your work on the microscope, not making the microscope work
Years of usage with no bulb replacements or ongoing consumables
Simple to use
Instant On/Off via the simple desktop Control Pod; no more waiting whilst the lamp warms up and no more high cost energy bills.
Optimise intensity and minimise sample damage with the simple control pod

The pE-300lite: Simple White Light – simple to buy, fit and use.

Available for shipment in September.


Liz Stark, Marketing Manager - CoolLED Ltd


[email protected]

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