Toyoda Gosei exhibits LED-backlit LCD monitor

Oct. 12, 2004
Japanese LED manufacturer Toyoda Gosei has exhibited a prototype 32-inch LCD monitor with white LED backlights at the CEATEC show in Japan.

The monitor uses 1200 white LEDs embedded in the display panel, with a total power consumption of 120 W.

The white devices combine an ultraviolet (380 nm) chip with red, green and blue phosphor materials. The luminous efficiency of the white LEDs is 15 lm/W, lower than competing cold cathode fluorescent tubes.

Toyoda Gosei says that it is developing a white LED with a luminous efficiency which is nearly twice as high as existing products, and expects to commence sample shipments later this year.

Taiwan views displays

Meanwhile, several Taiwanese LED manufacturers have indicated that they are developing products for LCD backlights.

Formosa Epitaxy and Unity Opto Technology plan to develop high-power devices for panel backlighting, while both Harvatek and Everlight are working with backlight-module makers.