G-LEC's transparent LED displays used on Dido's Life for Rent tour

Aug. 15, 2004
Dido's recent Life for Rent tour took full advantage of the capabilities of G-LEC's ClassicFrame system, a lightweight, largely transparent display made up of LEDs inside polycarbonate tubes.
When not in use, the frames are barely noticeable, but they can be used to create stunning graphics features (see photos).
Hidden Lighting designer Andi Watson chose the ClassicFrame because of its numerous strengths, the most important of which was its unique appearance. "It's the fact that they are see-through," said Watson. "They can disappear into the set when they are not in use and they are an integral part of the show because of this."
Graphics During the shows, the G-LEC ClassicFrame was used to display a range of innovative graphics and abstract images, as well as "oscilloscope" wave images in direct relation to the sound on stage.

The frames are also extremely lightweight, weighing 10 kg per square meter. The spacing of the tubes and the LED pixels within the tubes gives a resolution of 6 cm, and the transparency and low wind resistance of the frames makes them ideal for the theatre, concerts, corporate events or even architectural use.

With a high-powered graphics computer triggered by DMX512, the G-LEC ClassicFrame enables users to show and control two graphic streams simultaneously as standard, for example to combine live with pre-recorded material.