Luminus and GLT use 21 LEDs to backlight 37-inch LCD

Oct. 16, 2007
Luminus Devices and Global Lighting Technologies will demonstrate a 37-inch LCD TV illuminated by only seven PhlatLight LED modules
Luminus Devices and Global Lighting Technologies will demonstrate a backlighting unit (BLU) for a 37-inch LCD TV that uses a total of 21 LEDs. The prototype will be shown the Flat Panel Display International 2007 Conference, taking place from October 24-26, 2007 in Yokohama, Japan, in Midoriya Electronics’ booth.

The BLU uses PhlatLight LEDs from Luminus in combination with GLT’s MicroLens light guides.

Backlighting of large LCDs using conventional LEDs requires hundreds or thousands of LEDs arranged across the backplane of the display. Smaller LCD panels often use white LEDs arranged around the edges of the display.

The BLU demonstrated by Luminus and GLT uses only seven PhlatLight LED modules, each containing a single red, green and blue chip, to illuminate a 37-inch LCD television screen. Each PhlatLight module couples light into a MicroLens light guide, which uniformly spreads light across the screen.

The PhlatLight LEDs contain very large-sized chips and have extremely high light output, enabling the use of a small number of devices to provide backlighting for a large screen. Of course, the devices have very high power consumption, requiring effective heat removal from the LED array.

The companies say that their approach is unique, cost-effective, and easily scalable to larger screen sizes. The BLU is less than 20 mm thick.

“Manufacturers want LED backlighting to improve color, contrast and motion performance," said John Langevin, vice president of sales and marketing at Luminus. "Also, unlike CCFL lamps, LEDs are a ‘green’ technology and do not contain any hazardous materials. With fewer LEDs, our approach provides these benefits in a thin design and at a lower cost.”

Luminus and GLT formed a partnership in 2006 to develop and produce modular LED-based edge-lighting assemblies for large-screen LCD TVs. “The scalability of this BLU technology allows our customers to utilize LED backlighting in increasingly thinner and larger screen products,” said David DeAgazio, director of sales worldwide at GLT.

“A solution that can be tailored to fit a variety of models will prove more important as consumers continue to look for better quality in bigger screens.”