New Jersey utility to evaluate LED street lighting

July 15, 2008
PSE&G is partnering with four cities in New Jersey to evaluate LED lamps for effectiveness and energy savings.
Working with its municipal and county customers to explore energy efficiencies for New Jersey’s cities, Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) has begun testing new technologies in street lighting. PSE&G is New Jersey’s oldest and largest regulated gas and electric delivery utility, serving nearly three-quarters of the state’s population.

The company is partnering with New Jersey cities and Essex County in a test installation of new LED lamps for use on city and county roadways. It is replacing cobra head lamps on utility poles in Verona, Elizabeth, Trenton and Camden to assess LED technology and evaluate its effectiveness as a light source. “We are aggressively addressing the need to be energy efficient and environmentally sound across all areas of our business,” said Ralph LaRossa, PSE&G president and COO. “At the same time, we are seeking approaches to help our municipal customers save energy and money and implement green technologies in their communities. New street lighting technologies show great promise in delivering efficiency and improved reliability over existing technologies, and we are eager to examine those opportunities.”

Twenty four LED street lamps are being installed without charge to the participating cities or counties. Installation locations include Mt. Prospect and Pompton Avenues in Verona, Jefferson Street and Rahway Avenue in Elizabeth, North Broad Street in Trenton, and Vesper Blvd. in Camden.

PSE&G will be performing multiple tests during the next six to 12 months to determine reliability, light output, light quality, and energy consumption. The municipalities are being asked to monitor their experience with the new type of lighting from a pedestrian perspective and to provide feedback to PSE&G regarding their satisfaction with the quality of the light.

PSE&G says that the installations are the company’s first look into this technology and will permit a real world test of manufacturer and industry claims on energy savings, visual effect and reliability. Following review and analysis of the program, PSE&G will then determine where and how this technology can be deployed in its street lighting and area lighting systems.

“We are pleased to partner with PSE&G on this program to introduce energy-efficient LED street lights in our communities,” said Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo. “We eagerly anticipate this technology producing a brighter light, enhancing traffic safety, reducing energy consumption and supporting efforts to identify renewal resources.”

“Committed to implementing green initiatives, the City of Elizabeth is proud to be one of only four municipalities to partner with PSE&G and participate in the LED Street Light Program,” said Mayor Chris Bollwage. “We support efforts to save energy and raise environmental awareness.”

“It is great to see PSE&G coming forward to make a demonstrable impact on the future of the environment,” said Jonathan G. Phillips, Executive Director of Groundwork Elizabeth. “Groundwork Elizabeth looks forward to seeing expanded installations in our community.”