Luminus LEDs in displays and projectors at CES

Jan. 10, 2008
LEDs from Luminus have been incorporated into demos of large screen LCD backlight units, projection TVs and several categories of front projectors.
LED maker Luminus Devices has demonstrated a variety of consumer and professional display products illuminated by its PhlatLight™ LED technology, including large screen LCD backlight units, projection TVs and several categories of front projectors, at this week’s 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) taking place from January 7-10 in Las Vegas.

Backlight unit for large-screen LCD TV

Luminus showed its PhlatLight LED backlight unit (BLU) for LCD TVs with an integrated color management system, developed with X-Rite Inc. The BLU features Luminus’ PhlatLight LEDs integrated with Microlens™ light guides from Global Lighting Technology (GLT). It used only eight chipsets to edge-light a large screen LCD display instead of the hundreds or thousands required to achieve adequate brightness and uniformity with conventional LEDs.

With fewer LEDs required, the PhlatLight BLU dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of large-screen LCD backlighting, enabling enhanced brightness and color uniformity over the life of the TV. Because it is edge-illuminated, the PhlatLight BLU also enables thinner LCD TV designs.

Samsung 67-inch LED DLP TVs

CES saw previews of the latest models in Samsung Electronics’ new line of Slim Depth Widescreen LED-Powered DLP® HDTVs with 1080p resolution, and featuring PhlatLight LEDs. Luminus says that significant breakthroughs in brightness levels from its LEDs have created a 30% improvement in brightness over last year’s product. This has also enabled the first-ever 67-inch screen size in Samsung’s Slim DLP series, the largest LED-illuminated DLP ever created. More details at Samsung DLP TVs.

PhlatLight home theater projector

Luminus demonstrated a home theater front projector prototype powered by PhlatLight LEDs that produces over 700 ANSI lumens. The company says the front projection system is on track to break the 1,000 lumen barrier in 2008.

This will enable home cinema front projector manufacturers to provide the benefits of LED technology, which include instant-on operation, ultra-high contrast, uniform brightness and wide color gamut performance with the elimination of the need to replace lamps during the life of the product.

Pocket projectors

Luminus demonstrated four new models and prototypes of portable pocket projectors from LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, iNNOSWELL and Upstream Engineering. Several projectors are being introduced that use the recently announced PhlatLight PT54 chipset, enabling brightness to jump to 150 lumens and beyond, or as much as 10 times the level of previous products using conventional LED technology.

iNNOSWELL 3LCD pocket projector

Korean optical display company iNNOSWELL, Co., Ltd. introduced a new 3LCD pocket projector illuminated by Luminus LEDs. The prototype projector uses Luminus’ PhlatLight PT54 chipset and 3LCD 3-chip technology to achieve an unprecedented brightness of over 180 ANSI lumens.

The iNNOSWELL projector is the first-ever 3LCD projector illuminated by LED to achieve over 100 lumens of brightness. It uses Epson’s latest D7 panel, a 0.55-inch 3LCD chipset that offers a 20 percent increased aperture ratio and enables a significantly brighter picture. More details at iNNOSWELL 3LCD pocket projector.