Philips supplies LED streetlights to Buenos Aires

Oct. 21, 2013
The capital city of Argentina is retrofitting 70% of its streetlight inventory over the next three years with SSL fixtures and ultimately projecting 50% energy savings.

Philips Lighting has announced that it will replaces 70% of the streetlights in Buenos Aires, Argentina with LED streetlights over the course of three years with some of the retrofits having already happened. Ultimately the solid-state lighting (SSL) project will deliver 50% energy savings for the capital city of Argentina, and a remote management system will allow for adaptive control of the lights and automation of maintenance programs.

"With the rapid growth in population and the expansion of urban areas, the world needs better and more efficient light," said Gustavo Verna, CEO of Philips Argentina. "The arrival of innovative LED lighting has brought about a radical change in the industry. In addition to enabling energy savings, it provides our customers with unique, flexible, sustainable, and integrated lighting solutions which were not even envisioned only a few years ago."

Philips has already retrofitted around 10,000 of the luminaires out of 91,000 that will ultimately be replaced. The project includes lighting in parks as well as on streets and avenues. Lifetime projected at five times that of HID technology is in part justification for the project.

Buenos Aires expects to realize improved light quality in addition to energy and maintenance savings. As the nearby photo illustrates, the LED lights produce better uniformity and visibility for drivers and pedestrians.

The project also includes installation of the Philips CityTouch lighting management platform. The technology enables adaptive control of lighting and also allows a municipality to automate its workflow and maintenance programs associated with its streetlight inventory.