Daktronics to provide display system for Toronto stadium

Feb. 8, 2005
Display manufacturer Daktronics has won a contract to supply a huge video and scoring system for the former Toronto SkyDome
Daktronics, Inc. has been awarded a contract in excess of $4.5 million to design, manufacture and install a unique integrated scoring and display system in Toronto's Rogers Centre (formerly SkyDome), home of Major League Baseball's Toronto Blue Jays. In total, the display system will contain more than 4.2 million LEDs.

The venue is among the most well-known sports and entertainment facilities in the world, featuring a unique retractable roof design. Another well-known feature is the existing video screen in centerfield, which uses cathode ray tube (CRT) technology and measures approximately 33 feet high by 110 feet wide.

Daktronics will replace that famous display with its LED ProStar(R) VideoPlus technology. The new display will be the same size, yet provide much greater resolution, increased brightness and improved viewing angles for Blue Jays fans. The new display will cost a fraction of the original display cost of $17 million.

In addition to enjoying one of the largest video displays in North America, Blue Jays fans and other Rogers Centre patrons will get more information and entertainment from additional full color ProStar(R) and ProAd(R) displays and monochrome Galaxy(R) LED displays. Two full-color displays, each measuring approximately 10 feet high by 65 feet wide, will be installed into the outfield fence to present out-of-town game scores, stats and other information.

Two ProAd(R) displays will be added to the fascia above the right and left field lines. Each will measure approximately four feet high by 435 feet long. Additional monochrome displays will be installed on both sides of the main video display to present pitch speed and type of pitch, as well as other stats and information.

Baseball success for Daktronics

The Toronto Blue Jays will become the tenth Major League Baseball team to operate a Daktronics super system. A total of 24 major league ballparks and nearly 100 minor league facilities use Daktronics equipment.

Daktronics earlier announced that it will upgrade the existing scoring and video system at Coors Field home of the Colorado Rockies, with additional ProStar(R), ProFence(TM) and ProAd(R) displays. The company has also received several orders for new systems for minor league teams and spring training facilities that will be installed for the 2005 season.

In 2004, Daktronics provided new scoring and display equipment at four major league ballparks as well as numerous minor league and collegiate facilities. The Anaheim Angels installed a sophisticated super system utilizing full-color LED displays in two large outfield scoreboards, in the outfield fence and on the fascia.

The Cleveland Indians purchased the largest video display at any sports facility in North America, installing a Daktronics ProStar(R) display in their left field scoreboard that measures 36 feet high by 149 feet wide. New ballparks in Philadelphia and San Diego also incorporate multiple Daktronics displays.