Daktronics selects TI's drivers for LED displays

June 9, 2005
Daktronics has chosen power management technology from Texas Instruments for its ProStar VideoPlus LED displays.
A leading provider of full-color LED video displays, Daktronics is currently designing with TI's recently introduced TLC5940 16-channel, constant-current sink LED driver to enhance picture resolution, calibrate LED brightness, and improve power efficiency of ProStar stadium scoreboards and advertising display panels.

Daktronics ProStar VideoPlus technology uses the latest in red, green and blue (RGB) LED technology to present live and recorded video images, colorful animation, and vivid graphics with incredible brightness and wide angle visibility.

"Our customers continue to demand the latest technology to improve their audience's visual display experience," said Brett Wendler, Video Products Engineer at Daktronics. "Our close collaboration with Texas Instruments has allowed TI to create a power management integrated circuit that specifically meets and exceeds the power requirements of our LED display systems."

TI's TLC5940 features industry-leading channel-to-channel and chip-to-chip accuracy, improving overall display quality. Each channel on the integrated circuit (IC) has individually adjustable 12-bit grayscale pulse width modulation (PWM) control which enhances color resolution. In addition, the device includes six-bit dot correction functionality which compensates for the brightness variations between individual LEDs in the system. Dot correction data is stored inside the TLC5940's integrated EEPROM. See LED drivers from TI enhance resolution in large displays.

Award winner

ProTour display Daktronics' ground-breaking ProTour LED video system won the Rental & Staging Systems Product Awards "Best New LED Product" honor at the AV Communications Excellence Awards Banquet in Las Vegas.

The ProTour system was nominated for its light weight, low-noise design and feature-rich technology engineered specifically for the rental and staging industry.