Strategically Speaking: LCD backlights and lighting drive largest growth yet seen in HB-LED market (MAGAZINE)

April 24, 2010
A period of very rapid LED market growth will see unit volume demand increase to more than 200 billion units by 2014, says BOB STEELE.

Coming out of a year of relatively low growth for the HB-LED market (up 5% to $5.3 billion in 2009), largely due to the worldwide economic recession, the industry is now faced with an abundance of riches. It will come as no surprise to the readers of LEDs Magazine that unprecedented growth opportunities for HB LEDs will be provided over the next five years by lighting applications and backlights for LCD displays (including notebook computers, TVs and monitors).

In 2009, these applications helped to raise the overall HB-LED market from what would otherwise have been a dismal (i.e. negative growth) year, with a combined contribution to the market total of 29%. In 2010 and beyond, these two applications will be thedominant market growth drivers.


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