Yes-Tech's SIXI indoor LED display family features point by point brightness and chromaticity correction

Feb. 12, 2016
YES TECH now offers the SIXI indoor full color LED display series in the following types: P5.08, P6.1, P7.62, P10.16

Common indoor LED display series types: P4, P5, P6, P7.62, P10

SIXI: Same dimensions - 244*244mm module can be compatible with various products with different pixel pitch.

SIXI indoor LED display features
1. LED: Adopting famous brand's LEDs, which enhances our LED viewing angle, provides high brightness, low light failure, strong heat dissipation and bright color.
2. Driving IC: Famous brands such as Philips, Toshiba; avoid defectphenomena, such as dark bright, virtual light and so on.
3. Power supply: Industrial-strength brand. The power t maximum power reserve of 20% the space, the range of voltage fluctuation is less than 5%, high stability.
4. Connector: Aerial grade brands ensure the stable transmission of power and signal.
5. PCB: FR-4 A2 CCL, adopts 4-layer design.

Excellent display
1. High contrast mask design: New antiglare mask design, fine sand processing and black coating on the surface, no glare, and improved contrast.
2. Automated SMT: Adopting high-end automated SMT machine, advanced wave soldering and reflow soldering processing, to effectively avoid the wrong plug, plug leakage, leakage welding, virtual welding problems.
3. Module suite: Improves the planarity of the whole screen, and reduces the seam between neighboring modules.
4. Multi-gray display: Adopts 16bit gray processing technology to restore natural image. And using S-PWM driving technology to add gray grade, meets the 16bit high gray display requirements with low brightness.
5 Point by point correction: The correction technology of brightness and chromaticity ensure the uniformity of the LED display screen’s brightness and color.

Variety and ease
1. Various installation methods: Cabinet assembly or magnetic suction installation
2. Easy maintenance: Optional front maintenance, back maintenance and single point maintenance according to the installation site.


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