LED video display supplier PixelFLEX announces Intellasound Productions as its newest rental partner

May 12, 2016
The multi-award winning LED video display manufacturer PixelFLEX is proud to announce Intellasound Productions as its newest production rental partner. With its headquarters in Verona, Wisconsin, Intellasound Productions has been supplying audio, lighting, staging, backline and touring support for a wide variety of live events, and they have now added FLEXCurve 6mm LED video technology from PixelFLEX to their rental inventory to strengthen their client support nationwide.

“Our decision to make the investment into the FLEXCurve technology was really driven by the fact that many of our clients have been requesting an LED wall for their events,” began Tim Woodworth, Intellasound Productions. “As this started to happen more often, we would sometimes have difficulty finding an LED wall to rent in our area, and would have to typically bring one in from Chicago. Ultimately, we decided that if we were to make this investment into our rental inventory it would not only add savings to our bottom-line, but it would make LED walls more accessible and affordable for all our clients.”

With the decision now made, Intellasound began looking at the various LED walls on the market. As they did so, they had two main characteristics that the wall had to offer, and it was these product criteria that led them to PixelFLEX.

“When we started looking at the LED video walls, we first had to have one that was rated for outdoor use since we do a majority of our work in outdoor environments,” added Woodworth. “Next, we also wanted to be on the cutting-edge of technology in a 5-6mm pixel pitch range and when we started speaking with PixelFLEX they informed us of the FLEXCurve 6mm LED video wall. We got very excited because we had never even thought about the possibility of having a curved product, so once we knew it was possible with an outdoor-rating and a 6mm pixel pitch, we were very happy to move forward.”

The Parnelli award-winning FLEXCurve from PixelFLEX breaks all barriers in the rigid tile category through an innovative dual wing curving LED tile. Designed with a 4mm – 12mm pitch that’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications (IP65-rated), the FLEXCurve exceeds the needs of any live production event looking for a high-definition LED display.

“We felt very comfortable making the investment in PixelFLEX because we knew they have quite a few major clients who love the performance of their multi-award winning LED video technologies,” concluded Woodworth. “Their video walls are proven in the industry and we are now using the FLEXCurve for a combination of live production and corporate events. With its versatility, functionality and impressive output all of our clients have been very impressed, and the FLEXCurve was definitely the right choice for our rental inventory. In fact we are currently in the process of placing an order that will double our inventory for 2016.”

To find out more about the FLEXCurve 6mm LED video technology from PixelFLEX now in stock at Intellasound Productions, visit www.intellasound.com or find us on Facebook or contact [email protected].

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David Venus - PixelFLEX