BLD Lighting and Digimeg Displays begin operations for LED lighting and media displays

April 19, 2016
New Companies Emerge from Former Soitec Lighting Business Focused on Asian Lighting and Media Display Markets

BLD Lighting Pte. Ltd. and Digimeg Displays Pte. Ltd. have announced that they will begin trading with immediate effect. The two companies, both based in Singapore, have emerged in the aftermath of a management buyout of Soitec Lighting’s Asian business activities.

The two companies have split the product portfolio and customer segments. BLD Lighting will be focused on delivering a range of specification grade LED lighting products, including LED T8 tubes, high bays, downlights, spotlights, street lamps and LED panels. These will continue to be industry leading products in terms of the efficiency, reliability and warranty. Digimeg Displays will focus solely on the revolutionary digital media glass, an innovative product which embeds LEDs into construction grade glass, enabling any glass structure to transform into an advertising and display medium while retaining its original design features.

The companies will be led by Dr. Scott Kern, who had previously run Soitec Lighting. Kern will assume the role of President and CEO for both companies. He has over 25 years’ experience in the LED industry, having previously held senior management positions at Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies, Lumileds, Philips Lumileds and Soitec, before founding BLD Lighting and Digimeg Displays with Mr. Mark Nicholson, Chief Commercial Officer for both ventures.

“Although these are new companies, we have an existing, established market and channel,” said Kern. “We will be maintaining the business we created with Soitec, continuing to deliver high-quality lighting solutions—both in terms of specification and lifetime. Our customers will be serviced seamlessly, and new customers will interact with a team newly focused on their needs and market space. We are headquartered in Singapore and are focused on delivering cutting-edge, industry-leading products to South East Asia. It’s a region we believe in and are confident in its growth potential.”

Both companies will be headquartered in Singapore, at:
1 Raffles Place
Tower 2, Level 19 & 20
Singapore 048616

More information about BLD Lighting is available on its website, and further information on Digimeg is available at

About BLD Lighting
BLD Lighting is a new entity evolved from the former Soitec Lighting. Its focus continues to be the delivery of high-quality, high-performance, and economical LED lighting solutions for the commercial and industrial lighting marketplaces. Benefiting from Soitec’s past experience in extreme-performance semiconductors materials, we strive to deliver high-volume advanced materials solutions that enable LED efficacy advances to achieve innovative lighting solutions over aggressive payback periods.

About Digimeg Displays
Digimeg Displays is a new entity evolved from the former Soitec Lighting. Our focus is a revolutionary digital media glass product that will transform the face of city skylines around the world. Through the delivery of high-quality, high-performance, LED-embedded glass, we are providing city planners, building developers and architects the opportunity to create stunning facades that will generate a return on investment as a marketing and advertising space.


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