American Opto Plus releases touch-cell LED displays

April 14, 2016
Pomona, CA – American Opto Plus (AOP) introduces the world’s first LED Capacitive Touch Pad Display. These LED displays have built-in touch sensing technology, and as a result, additional buttons or touch cell circuits are unnecessary. These displays will allow application engineers more flexibility in their designs and contribute to the development of new innovations. Some applications include: Automotive interior interface, kitchen appliance interface, entertainment gadgets/devices, navigation interface, elevators, ATM machines, and much more.

AOP’s LED Capacitive Touch Displays have many advantages over existing displays. They have no mechanical parts and are robust. This means there are fewer sources of failure and higher lifespan. In addition, they are made water and dust proof from resin plotting, which allows displays to be used with a wide range of applications in various environments. The capacitive touch sensing technology also allows high sensitivity to support fine tune user input and accuracy. These displays are user friendly and have an intuitive interface. The compact size and integrated features lets designs be more flexible, innovative, and unique. These displays are essentially very economical while maintaining high image quality.


Eric Wu - American Opto Plus LED Corp.