Noribachi launches initial ALiVE product line with digital signage based on proprietary control system

July 8, 2016
ALiVE Offers Noribachi Customers The Next Step In The Natural Progression of Lighting

HARBOR CITY, CA: Noribachi, a leading U.S.-based custom LED manufacturer for high output commercial and industrial lighting solutions, announced the launch of its ALiVE product line.

“The ALiVE product line is the perfect companion to our popular Bespoke Engineered and Specifically Tailored (BEST) manufactured LED lighting solutions because it is simply lighting with a richer and more sophisticated control system,” said Ron Sreenan, Vice President & General Manager of Digital Technologies, Noribachi. “The ALiVE product line is comprised of hardware and software that allows, for the first time, the inclusion of lighting controls in enterprise applications.”

The first product series in the ALiVE product line features digital signage including LCD Monitors as well as Outdoor and Indoor LED Tiles in a variety of pixel pitches, tile sizes and brightness options. Each LED digital signage product includes Noribachi’s control system and software package for real-time and scheduled programming. The ALiVE digital signage series includes multiple price points with flexible leasing options.

The ALiVE product line is based on the Noribachi Lighting System Architecture (LSA). LSA is a comprehensive data, process and applications architecture that is based on an open platform hardware. LSA allows enterprise applications to use lighting as a data and sensory collector, process that data on the cloud, and return results as a photonic output. In the upcoming months, Noribachi will introduce many more products that will utilize this architecture.

For more information about Noribachi’'s ALiVE product line visit or call 855.283.1100.

About Noribachi:
U.S.-based Noribachi is a leading custom LED manufacturer for high output commercial and industrial lighting solutions. Noribachi applies a Bespoke Engineered and Specifically Tailored (BEST) methodology to deliver unlimited LED light applications.

Noribachi is dedicated to improving the light industry by incorporating design and technology to our BEST lighting solutions.


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