PixelFLEX LED displays create "Slime Time" with Nickelodeon at the 2016 Licensing Expo

Aug. 3, 2016
Held inside the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, the 2016 Licensing Expo is the world’s premier brand, character and art marketplace that connects owners and agents with retailers, licensees and manufacturers. Estimated as a $262.9 billion industry, exhibitors must create a captivating visitor experience in order for these connections to be made. So when Nickelodeon, the world’s number-one entertainment brand for kids, approached Tangram International about creating an inviting and memorable booth experience for their guests, they knew LED video would play a significant role in the design solution, and that LED solution was PixelFLEX FLEXLite Plus 3.9mm technology supplied by TLS Productions, Inc.

“LED video technology is becoming very inundated into the consumer environmental experience and therefore a lot of our clients are looking for a heightened LED presence in almost everything they do,” began Brad Hayes, TLS Productions President. “With more projects now requiring an HD LED video solution, we are very excited about the opportunities to work with PixelFLEX because their products allow us to generate a higher level of creativity and push the envelope of what is possible for our clients.”

Getting started on the trade show booth design, Production Manager and Lighting Designer Bobby Glowacki and Account Executive Cameo Stancliff began speaking with the teams from Tangram International and Nickelodeon to understand the full scope of the project, which would include a comprehensive production design from TLS Productions.

“When we were initially discussing the design, they were looking for a truly cohesive booth experience and they needed a turnkey production company who could handle lighting, audio, rigging and LED video,” explained Glowacki. “For the video portion, they asked that the LED wall to be a focal point to showcase clips of their programming, but at the top of every hour we would transition into a captivating visitor experience called ‘Slime Time’. On this cue, the LED wall would break into an ‘interruption’ screen and start oozing green slime which all coincided with audio and lighting cues for an added layer of excitement. To make this work, we knew the LED video wall would have to be bright with a high resolution so that everything popped off the screen, and the FLEXLite Plus worked great.”

With new and improved features, FLEXLite Plus from PixelFLEX is one of the highest resolution curve-able LED displays on the market, capable of a 15-degree curve in any direction. Because of its bright, dense display and high refresh rate, FLEXLite Plus photographs and videos smoothly and its tiles are calibrated directly out of the box to help decrease failure, and insure perfect color and brightness of your LED screen. Additionally, the preview test button allows for easy viewing of signal and power connections.

“I really like the panel size of the FLEXLite Plus and it’s very lightweight and quiet too,” added Glowacki. “The final LED wall ended up being about 4’ tall and 16’ wide, using 14 total panels. During the load-in, we literally had about 3-4 inches of space to work when installing the wall, but it all went very quickly and efficiently, and it truly made the booth design a seamless integration between lighting, audio and video for a complete visitor experience.”

With the Licensing Expo now concluded, TLS Productions is proud to be one of the newest production rental partners for the award-winning line of PixelFLEX LED video technology. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, TLS Productions specializes in creating live event and trade show designs for clients across multiple industries, and they are excited to now be offering PixelFLEX as a primary LED video solution.

“Earlier this year, TLS Productions and PixelFLEX went to Los Angeles for a series of PixelFLEX product demonstrations for some of our biggest clients and the events were a tremendous success,” admitted Carl Kedzierski, TLS Productions Director of Marketing. “When evaluating new technologies, it is not necessarily what interests us, but more so about what interests our clients, and our clients loved the PixelFLEX line of LED technology.”

“The biggest draw to the PixelFLEX technology for me is that the technology works and the people work too,” concluded Hayes. “In this industry, you can get gear from just about anybody, but for us, it’s really about the people and process of working together for the mutual success of making clients happy. In doing this, the PixelFLEX team is an ideal production partner for TLS Productions.”

To contact TLS Productions about using PixelFLEX LED video technology in your next design, call 855-515-TLSP (8577) or email [email protected].

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