HitechLED RGB full-color LED pharmacy cross offers highly visible healthcare signage

Feb. 4, 2015
An LED pharmacy cross is a very effective visual message display for pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, emergency, outpatient clinics, veterinary clinics, medicine stores, etc. It is visible even from great distance and provides an effective communication through alphanumerical and graphic display, which is indispensable for a modern pharmacy or healthcare environment. The LED pharmacy cross display is more than a bright sign. It is a system that allows health establishments to communicate with potential customers and citizenship in international locales, an installation that confirms further the professionalism of a pharmacy and moreover is an informative tool that gives back an important service to the community. It is a hot solution especially in European countries such as Spain, France, Belgium, Greece, Monaco, Poland, Russia, etc.

We mainly make 3 RGB LED cross models - P10 model #HT-DPD-P10F, P16 model #HT-DPD-P16F, P20 model #HT-DPD-P20F.
It has the following features:
1. Programmable message display - Can display current temperature (centigrade), time, date, graphics, animations (including GIF format) and free text messages, like VMS
2. Design options - Single sided or double sided optional
3. High brightness - More than 5000 nit for outdoor applications and adjustable in control
4. Low power consumption - typical less than 95W
5. User-friendly operating software - Operating software supports Windows Vista/XP/2000/98; English/French/Spanish/Italian version software is available. It allows users to edit/modify the text, draw/clear a picture freely, increase/decrease the speed, enlarge the character height, make the text scroll horizontally, selecting among tens of font sets. All operations can be done very easily and conveniently
6. Perfect color uniformity - LED controls in 5nm which ensure high color uniformity of the cross sign
7. Impact resistant, light and waterproof design - IP65, thin and slim display body, easily to maintain (modules can be removed and maintained from the front)
8. Remote control - Can be connected by wires or RF modems
9. RGB color, more attractive

The green LED cross and red LED cross have been the most popular in the past. With technology improvements and cost reductions, now more end users are employing the RGB full color LED cross. HitechLED is proud to provide the high quality P10/P16/P20 RGB LED pharmacy cross to European partners.

About Hitechled Optoelectronics
We are engaged in R&D, production, and marketing of all kinds of LED pharmacy crosses.


James. Marketing Director - Hitechled Optoelectronics
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