Chipshow prepares to exhibit HD LED display line at ISLE

Feb. 4, 2015
Guangzhou international Intelligent Signs & LED Exhibition will take place on March the first to fourth in China import and export commodities fair exhibition hall. The exhibition area will be more than 13 thousand square meter, thousands of companies will take part in the exhibition and the professional audience will be exceed to 50 thousand. It is earlier compared with previous years, while a year's plan stars with spring, this is the grand feast LED exhibition that will never be missed. Because there are huge domestic and abroad purchaser gathered here. The big scale shows the great emphasis of the company to the exhibition.

Chipshow will take part in the Guangzhou international Intelligent Signs & LED Exhibition, information as follows:
Name of the exhibition: Guangzhou international Intelligent Signs & LED Exhibition;
Address of the exhibition: B block, number 382 Canton fair exhibition hall, Yuejiang Center Road, Haizhu district, Guanzhou, China;
Area of the exhibition: 225 square meter;
Exhibition products: P1.6 small pixel pitch LED display, P1.9 small pixel pitch LED display, P3 HD LED display, P5 outdoor HD SMD LED display;
Date of the exhibition: 1-4th, March.

View design of 2015 Chipshow ISLE Exhibition

ISLE put emphasis on the field of LED display, gathering a large number of famous LED display manufacturers both domestic and abroad. LED display is always a always creates the jollification impeller, it is spreads all the world, creating endless brilliance. Being professional and super LED display manufacturer, Chipshow will stage its view with small pixel pitch LED display and outdoor HD SMD LED display.

HD theater view design of 2015 Chipshow ISLE Exhibition

High density small pixel pitch LED display gain its great popularity with its delicate viewing effect, Chipshow always show its close attention to the development and changes of this filed, looking into the requirements of the clients, getting close to customers, researching the HD small pixel pitch LED display in the view of the customers. The typical representative is small pixel pitch P1.6 and P1.9 to be exhibited. Not only indoor shows its special preference to “small”, this trend also spread in outdoor, outdoor small pixel pitch is also the important trend for outdoor. P5 outdoor HD SMD LED display is outstanding representative. Looking forward to it.

View design of high-grade negotiation area on the second floor for2015 Chipshow ISLE Exhibition

Chipshow will keep the principle of simple with the background of green for this exhibition, also highlight its high grade. The area of this exhibition will be 225 square meter and will be divided into two floors, the first floor is P1.6?P3 and P5, and the second will be P1.9. The back building of the exhibits will adopt hollow out design, leaving enough space for viewer to see the back design of the cabinets. What is worthy mentioning is that, Chipshow set a HD theater area, simulating the real theater scene, adopting the P1.6 and P1.9 for viewers to experience a big eye feast. The second floor is advanced meeting area, creating a comfortable circumstance for happier discussion with our sale elites.

1-4th, March, 2015, Block B 9.2-B07 Canton fair exhibition hall, be there be square with Chipshow!


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