Dubai Airport chooses Bright Green Technology to illuminate new wayfinding LED signage

July 15, 2015
Dubai Airport has specified Bright Green Beam™ for new and refurbished LED signage throughout the airport. So far the project has seen the Bright Green LED signage system installed into thousands of signs in Terminal 3, the exclusive Emirates terminal. By completion of the project Bright Green will have supplied lighting for all of the wayfinding in every terminal throughout the airport.

Bright Green Beam™ LED signage lighting has been specifically designed to be energy efficient, easy to install and ‘no maintenance’ compared to traditional fluorescent tube lighting, reflecting the needs of the busy, round-the-clock airport terminal.

Dubai Airport, already the world’s busiest airport in terms of passenger numbers, is undergoing significant development to deliver their ambitious 2020 expansion plans. Specifying Bright Green Beam LED signage lighting demonstrates the company’s commitment to quality – the modules provide bright, even illumination and the controlled LED binning ensure the signs look consistent throughout the terminal.


Bright Green Technology Limited
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