Australian research firm calls on Chauvet LED panels for medical conference displays

July 17, 2015
CHICAGO – Over 30,000 of the leading cancer researchers and specialists from around the world journeyed to Chicago’s McCormick Place recently for the 51st annual ASCO conference. The official theme of this year’s meeting, “Illumination and Innovation: Transforming Data into Learning,” reflected the shared commitment of those in attendance to exchange trending research and insights that can help combat the dreaded disease. Among the learning tools used to advance this worthy goal was an impressive 36'x6' LED wall made of 54 Chauvet Professional MVP Ta8 Curve LED panels.

Supplied by Image Productions Services, which built the video wall, the LED panels were used at an exhibit by Sirtex Medical Ltd., an award-winning Australian-based global health care research company that is pioneering a targeted radiation therapy for liver cancer called SIR-Spheres Y-90 resin microspheres. (The therapy places very small radioactive beads about one third the size of a human hair width into tumors within the liver.)

“Our client had a very precise set of requirements, given the important nature of the exhibit,” said Brian McNamara, producer and project manager at Image Production Services. “The MVP Ta8 Curve panels did exactly what we asked of them. They were flawless. There was another display with a larger video wall made with big name panels behind us, but our wall more than held its own in terms of color balance and overall luminance.”

The MVP Ta8 Curve wall had a 1296 x 216 resolution. Hung 20’ over the exhibit’s main desk, the LED panels displayed clean crisp images of complex medical animations, clinical study data and research news items, as well as corporate and affiliate research institution logos. This information was updated daily on the panels throughout the five-day conference.

“Everything was very clear, the resolution was spot on,” said McNamara. “The client was particularly impressed with the brightness of the panels. We were happy that they were so easy to work with. We sourced the panels with the ArKaos Media Master and created all the content in Apple Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X. As part of our service we also provided onsite daily editing to update and generate new content daily for the client’s important clinical study announcement.”

McNamara was particularly impressed with the brightness of the MVP Ta 8 Curve LED panels.

“Outstanding is the word I would use to describe the brightness,” he said. “The brightness range of the panels was excellent. I had to set the panels to roughly one-third brightness so as not to wash out the production lighting in the booth. Our video wall was still the brightest object people saw when they walked toward the back of the hall.

“Our client’s booth was near the food court, and our LED video wall stood out like a directional beacon for visitors looking for the food court,” continued McNamara. “We overheard people referring to our wall on their cell phones when they were given their friends or associates directions to the food court. Our client is doing important work, so we were glad we were able to help them communicate with the experts at this conference.”

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