Glow Light's hybrid LED exit signs will be globally available via LJ Business Development Group

June 29, 2015
Glow Light Emergency Exit Products and Hybrid Exit Signs, LLC will distribute the world’s first and most advanced hybrid LED exit signs internationally under the auspices of LJ Business Development Group. The product models HES120 and HES911 are patent-pending hybrid LED exit signs that feature green-build, Energy Star and LEED credit attributes as well as immediate return on investment.
The Underwriter’s Laboratories called the HES120 “a game-changing innovation”. The first and only exit sign of its kind designated an "Emergency Lighting & Power Equipment to pass the UL924 testing module at 100 feet illumination distance." A new testing regimen was newly created to certify the HES models for UL924 approval. Running on less than 3 watts, the innovative technology lies in the 20-year LED bulb-driven and continuous “charge” of the photoluminescent material panel that is non-radioactive. Yes! I said a 20 year bulb. Ambient light also charges the panel. Since its electrically powered LED bulb charges the panel, it contains no backup battery. During a power outage, these HES LED exit signs provide 120 minutes of illumination time for a distance of 100 feet and the HES911 glows 90 minutes. Closely related competitor models illuminate for 60 minutes at about 50 feet. The HES120 jacket is made with Lexan plastic, which can be manufactured in a multitude of color selections rather than the utilitarian white. The HES911 model jacket is manufactured with recycled aluminum available in various finishes. Since there is no battery for disposal, there’s no environmental impact. Another important feature is both models are manufactured in the US; another value proposition that differentiates from its closest competitors. Finally, to put all this in perspective, let us look at what the costs are. Most exit signs contain a battery that must be checked for viability by a custodian or facilities maintenance tech. Across the nation, exit signs direct us where to exit a room, a building, 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. According to, the energy cost nationwide is $3 billion, just for exit signs. Annual operational costs for a typical, incandescent or florescent bulb, battery back-up sign is $250 each. With 20-year limited warranty these cutting-edge HES LED exit signs cost $189 for the base model. The annual operational cost of the HES models, wait for it….$4.19. The pay-back period is 8 months.


Angie Barnett - for Glow Light and LJ Business Development Group
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