Modarte outfits Samsonite stores in Portugal with Publiduplo LED displays

June 25, 2015
The company Modarte, the exclusive distributor of the prestigious brand Samsonite in Portugal, will install LED displays on stores (first one already installed in Norteshopping). The new LED display model with 4mm pitch from Publiduplo will equip the stores from north to south of Portugal. Displays feature black LEDs, auto calibration, anomaly reporting software, noise free fans, high consistency even with low brightness, ultra HD LED technology, brightness >1400 NITS with a rectangular shape and able to display all kind of media.

Publiduplo provides turnkey LED display solutions for advertising, stage events, scoreboards and perimetral banners as well as LED light technology. Publiduplo develops, manufactures and installs LED technology since 2004.

About Modarte:
Throughout nearly 40 years Modarte has been part of day-by-day of hundreds of thousands of people by providing them with an enjoyable and happy trip. As one of the most renowned brands in the travel items in Portugal, Modarte has always been known for quality, robustness, security and elegance of its products.

Modarte is the exclusive distributor in Portugal of the prestigious brand Samsonite.

In recent years, Samsonite has developed a strategy of diversification of its product range, and created lines of accessories such as leather goods, footwear, Lady bags, Umbrellas, gloves, etc. In 2001 Modarte decided to end is own production to be able to dedicate full attention, professionalism and vast experience in the marketing of Samsonite group products.


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