Yaham to unveil new outdoor waterproof LED display module

Sept. 9, 2015
With the development of outdoor advertising, the application of LED displays for this purpose is rapidly increasing in cities. It may seem like outdoor LED displays are installed one after another every day, but what really can safeguard the advertising interests is a durable and reliable LED display. Put in in another way, a lighter, thinner, higher efficiency and higher cost performance LED display is what the advertisers are expecting.

The most prevailing four slogans that are circulating in the LED display industry would be indoor small pixel, outdoor black diode, SMD LED display and door-free waterproof LED display. With the technology advances we have made in SMD, it appears that more outdoor applications of HD LED display and smaller pixels being applied outdoors is a critical trend. As one of the top sellers, the SMD LED display module is favoured by customers with its cost performance, wide viewing angle and high color homogeneity. Outdoor LED displays are particularly popular in the European market and Japan as well, their high contrast ratio enabling them to be a very promising outdoor product in the future. The fourth slogan - door-free waterproof LED display - technically has originated from Yaham’s new outdoor product, an LED display module.

Normally, an outdoor LED display is built to large size, which challenges the steel structure with its tremendous weight, so a large traditional LED display requires numerous steel braces. Meanwhile, the day and night temperatures in some regions fluctuate significantly, so excellent heat radiation performance is of great importance for an LED display; any weakness in heat radiation on a display could burn out the circuit and become a disaster.

In the process of product upgrading, apart from the improvement on display performance, the weight and heat radiation of our latest LED display module have also been upgraded, so it will be more energy-efficient and safer. The use of lighter material and a more open cabinet design point to a new direction for the development of LED display modules.


Yaham Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.