Chipshow provides outdoor LED billboard to French customer for advertising

Aug. 4, 2015
Chipshow delivers to customer in France a P8 outdoor DIP LED billboard for advertising.

Location: France
Application: Advertising LED billboard/display
Pixel Pitch: 8mm
Quantity: 1 piece
Size: 3.84m*1.92m = 7.4 m2
Tags: LED advertising board | Outdoor LED advertising | Outdoor LED billboard
Refresh rate: 1000-2000Hz
Brightness: 5500 CD/m
Cabinet size: 960*960*148mm
Cabinet weight: 48kg

Outdoor HD LED display leader offers mature products, functions two years ahead of competitors, and achieves fantastic projects worldwide. Core tech "King Kong" series standard modules help clients upgrade to better resolution. Increase the chance to achieve second sales and enhance relationships with clients.

Protection rate IP65 and modular design
Protection rate IP65, installation without frame. Modular style design, fast installation and easy maintenance with low cost.

No distortion, power and control system back-up technology, deep black surface, firm & flat, anti-UV mask.

Ideal for outdoor advertisement media, government & enterprise projects, culture & tourism, sports, propaganda images, commercial real estate.


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