Chipshow's LED screen for outdoor advertising used in high-speed flyover

Aug. 12, 2015
Chipshow's LED screen has been applied in an outdoor advertising project - the high-speed flyover at Cairo, Egypt.

Recently, we learned from Chipshow Foreign Ministry that they signed a major cooperative agreement with Egyptian contractors; this highway engineering project has been formally commenced in 2015.

This LED screen for outdoor advertising is mounted on the Cairo high-speed flyover, with 21 square meters per each of 4 pieces in total, with a total area of 84 square meters. This project leverages the Chipshow AK10D full color outdoor LED display, presenting a delicate and natural video performance, high-end quality, which is well received by customers. This has laid a good foundation for Chipshow to achieve further breakthroughs in the Egyptian market.

Chipshow's AK10D series LED screen features a standard module size 320mm* 320mm, cabinet size 960mm*960mm. Screen gap is reduced more than 50% and smoothness increased by leaps and bounds. Installation and maintenance are simplified, replacement and upgrades are easier, and orders are fulfilled rapidly and flexibly. It has been the standard banner in the LED industry..

Chipshow's AK10D LED screen, a hot-selling model for the current market, shows a delicate picture and vivid colors. Therefore, the P10 outdoor LED screen is highly favored by customers and has become the preferred way to spread information & play advertising for building-selling centers, station squares, high-speed roads, airports, etc. With a good reputation, high-quality service, and excellent technology, outdoor advertisers placed their trust and confidence in Chipshow.


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